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How important is it to moisture your skin
How important is it to Moisture your Skin? One’s skin experiences abuse during the day due to the various impacts that it faces. Aging also leads ...

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Importance of keeping up the moisture level of your skin
  We are all aware of the importance of keeping the skin moisturized. However most are not aware why this is so important. In reality when the...

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Skin18 Video(24) Why we moisture our skin
* Dry means cracks and wrinkles* Moist means elasticity and smooth* Even oily skin has to moisture your skin* Leaving it dry or under the sun for...

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L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture): The Home Dermatologist
Last year, I was at Denver, for a demonstrative lecture on dermatological and anti-aging outrages, when a friend of mine called me for a favor. I...

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