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Young Living Lime Essential Oil

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  • Lime Essential Oil carries invigorating and stimulating effects that can help on mental clarity and encourage creativity.
  • Lime (Citurs latifolia or C.aurantifolia Swingle) is original from C. latifolia: Mexico, C.aurantifolia Swingle: Southeast Asia.
  • The extraction method of Lime Essential Oil is cold expression from the rind of the unripe fruit.
  • Lime is best known to be used to help support a healthy immune system.
  • May provide antioxidant support and help in a balanced weight management.

[ Functions ]

  • Primarily used in skin care for acne, herpes, insect bites).
  • Supports and strengthens the respiratory and immune systems.
  • May use for weight loss.
  • Can also improve memory, strengthen nails.
  • Strong cleanser properties for lymphatic system cleanser.

[ Health Benefits ]

  • Skin conditions (acne, herpes) and insect bites.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • De-congests the lymphatic system. Weight loss.

[ Medical Properties ]

  • Antirheumatic, antiviral, antibacterial.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Citrus aurantifolia prevents ketotifen-induced weight-gain.

[ How to Use ] 

  • Skincare: Best for insect bites.  Can create a refreshing cleanser by adding 1-2 drops to your cleanser.  
  • Healthcare: Dilute 1 portion of Lime Oil to 1 portion of V-6 vegetable oil, apply directly to chakras / vita flex points.  Best for sore throat, relief stress, empower energy, liver support or bladder infections.
  • Inhale: Can inhale directly for a bright, refreshing aroma that may clear the mindset.
  • Spray: add 2-3 drops of Lime Oil to distill water and spray at home for a refreshing scent. 
  • Diffuse: insert 3-6 drops of Lime Essential Oil with distilled water in a diffuser.  Diffuse up to 30 minutes, 3 times a day. 
  • Anti-Odors: Add 3-4 drops of oil to a box of baking soda and keep it in the refrigerator to absorb odors. 
  • DIY tips: Can use oil for cooking - add to cakes, muffins & cheesecake / juice & drinking water / salad dressings.

[ Size ]  15ml (0.5 oz)

[ Ingredients ]

  • Limonene (42-50%)
  • Gamma-Terpinene (8-11%)
  • Beta-Pinene (18-24%)

 About Young Living:

  • Young Living believes in the integrity and effectiveness of products.  
  • Young Living Seed to Seal(TM) guarantee demonstrates commitment to quality on the highest level.  When using Young Living essential oils, they are the top one percent grade that cannot be imitated by anyone... anywhere else.  This is because sources of those oils are personally controlled by the brand - from the planting of the seeds to bottling the final distilled product.

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