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Skin18 Personal Skincare Specialist Box

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  • An exclusive, personalized service for FREE! 
  • Want a Skin Renewal Program for the skin? Not sure how to start?
  • Skin18 Beauty Consultant will work with you for an evaluation of your skin condition.    You will receive a customized, tailored beauty masks box with personalized advices and a list of recommended skincare products for a Skin Renewal Program.
  • Beauty your skin with Skin18 Specialist Box - an exclusive service!
  • Skin18 worldwide Consultant located in different countries who can read/write in English, Italians, Chinese, etc.

[ Details ]

  • Specialist Box (A): 2 weeks Skin Renewal Program - US$20 
    • With a 2 weeks of items (mostly sheet masks) for a Skin Renewal Program.
  • Specialist Box (B): 3 weeks Skin Renewal Program - US$30
    • With a 3 weeks of items (sheet mask and other items) for a Skin Renewal Program.

How does it works? ] 

  • Purchase this item and you will received an email from our Skin18 Beauty Consultant with questions on your current skincare routine/major concern etc.
  • Skin18 will implement a list of products to customers for confirmation [ it takes 3-5 business days ]. Once we received customers email confirmation on all the products they agreed to receive, a new order (no payment needed) will be created and ship out the order in 1-3 business days.
  • Experience your customized beauty treatment today! 
  • What you get will always worth more than what you pay that is a guarantee! 

[ Terms and Condition ]

  • Shipping Fee is NOT included with the Price.
  • Feel free to also include your freebies or other items while purchasing this box.
  • The estimation dates serves as a rough guide from 6-17 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays), more exact shipping times for your country can only be giving out by experience. Please note that there may be delays on rare occasions or in remote areas.

Questions & Answers

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  • I have senstive skin that is acne prone n pigmented. Also gets red n is uneven. Melanin production is very much. Also hv a spot under my eye. What type of product i should use.

    For acne, we recommend you to use PORE CARE products. For pigmented (dull skin tone), we recommend you to use BRIGHTENING / WHITENING product or ingredient that can balance up the color of skin tone.  For skin that gets red easily, your skin might be very sensitive, so we will recommend to use those products that is suitable for SENSITIVE skin.  Please use those keywords and search for products from the search bar on the website, thank you very much.

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