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Reskin The Secret of 7 Days: Monday To Sunday One Week Treatment Mask (7pcs/box)

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  • Perfect Daily Sheet Mask intensively cares the skin that changes according to the characteristics of the days of the week! 
  •  Care the skin that changes everyday according to the situation, emotions and weather 
  • Unbleached environment-friendly 100% cotton sheet minimize skin irritation 
  • Soft and flexible texture 
  • Excellent adhesive 
  • The essence is delivered to the skin effectively due to the protective liquid layer on the sheet 

[ About Reskin The Secret of 7 Days]

  • Each mask contains 25g of essence which does not dry out easily and make your skin moisturized and soft for a long time by very fine hive shaped micro-cell structures, which form a protective liquid layer on the sheet.
  • It attaches contours of the face firmly and deliver active ingredients into the skin effectively. Remaining essence in the pouch can be applied on dry skin areas like legs, arms for moisturizing skin.
  • 100% unbleached organic cotton sheet. You can see tiny cottonseed spots in the sheet. With environment-friendly production process, NO additives, emulsions, and bleaches are used.
  • Highly effective due to fine structure and close dermal contact. Great fit and contact as essence seeps in skin.

[ Ingredient Talks ]

What are the good ingredients contained in the mask helpful to the skin?-

  • Refreshing Monday : Monday, The start of the weekday! Care your dried and dark skin through outdoor activity during the weekend with this mask and start a new week! Orange which is rich in vitamin C and Sage extracts will care the balance of your skin oil and moisture for bright and beautiful skin
  • Skin soothing Tuesday : Tuesday, is it hard to wait for the weekend! This is the time to supply moisture and skin soothing for rest of the tough days.  Mask contains aloe vera extracts and allantoin will calm your skin and makes healthy moist skin.
  • Brightening Wednesday : Half of the week is gone, it is time to moisturize and brighten the skin!  Cheer up skin with skin brightening for the rest of those exhausting days.  Mask contains lemon extracts will make the coarse skin smooth and keep your skin clean with skin brightening.
  • Pore care Thursday : Tomorrow is Friday so it is time to eliminate accumulated dead skin cell and care pores for smooth skin for the weekend! Mask contains green tea and Japanese apricot extracts will make skin soft and tender.
  • Revitalizing Friday : After the exciting Friday, it is time to relax your tired skin from heavy make up and outdoor activity.  Mask contains lavender and berry extracts will calm the tired and sensitive skin and make your skin with full of vitality.
  • Moisturizing Saturday : Beginning of the wonderful weekend! Moisturize your skin and keep skin moisturized and fresh.  Mask contains glacial milk with abundant mineral will moisturize the dull and dried skin and make it supple.
  • Energizing Sunday : Skin energizing to start Monday with energy!  Through the weekend has passed, energize your skin healthier for the best start of the week.  Mask contains pomegranate and rose hips extracts will energize and gently soothe your skin.

[ reskin Brand Story ]

  • The representative brand of functional cosmetics for sensitive skin, Reskin has launched many different products with creative and differentiated technologies. 
  • Reskin leads the functional cosmetic industry with various advanced chemical and scientific technologies such as an EGF ingredient awarded with Nobel Prize in medicine, herb comples, liposome technology, plant tissue culture technology and Water Tank System etc,. 
  • Also specialized techniques and know-how of dermatologists, aesthetician and skin care exprets are put in all the products of Reskin. Reskin which provides the best skin care solution for different skin types and concerns tries to conduct research and development for customers beautiful skin with a strong faith in the present and the future. 
  • For the healthiest and the most beautiful skin in the world. "REFRESH YOUR SKIN"

[ How to use ]

  1. After facial cleansing, dry your face and apply toner onto your face.
  2. Attach a mask over your face evenly.
  3. Remove the sheet after 15~20 minutes. Slightly tap over your face to help absorption of remaining substance of mask.

[ Detail Ingredient ]

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  • Can you use the Monday to sunday sleeping mask after the Monday to sunday facial mask

    Hi,  do you mean using sleeping mask after the facial mask? Yes you can use sleeping mask after you do facial mask.  

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