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Rearar DiaForce Hydro Gel Eye Patch - Gold (Nutrition)

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  • Remove a eye area wrinkle, dark circle, somber eye area by using diaforce!
  • EFFECTS ALL-IN-ONE : Nutrition / Elasticity / Brightening / Moisturizing / Lifting
  • Eye patch essence made of diamond component
  • Diaforce is the solution for eye rim wrinkle, dark circle,somber eye rim
  • Miracle effect!!!
    • Plus - put on additional nutrition and moist to your skin
    • Zero - Eliminate left over oil on your skin
    • Up - Raise up the elasticity and adhesiveness of your skin
Main components for GOLD patch:
Gold, diamond, mineral water, pearl powder, caviar extract, collagen, aloe vera, rose extracts, green tea, mixed seaweeds
  • Gold: Real Gold (Colloidal gold) is added to maximize skin conditioning, giving more elasticity and glow to the skin. *Gold & Diamond stimulate skin circulation, vitalizing skin cells.
  • Diamond: Nano Diamond ( A Carbon Crystal of Diamond) penetrates into the skin, brightening & enhancing skin elasticity, providing deep cleansing effect.  *Gold & Diamond stimulate skin circulation, vitalizing skin cells.
  • Mineral Water: Mineral Water enhances adhesion and moisturizing, leave your skin more moist & soft.
  • Caviar Extract: Protein & Vitamin from Caviar extract will provide moisture and nutrient, protecting the sensitive skin and maintaining elasticity.
  • Mixed Seaweeds, Green tea, Aloe, Collagen, Rose Extract additionally provide moisturizing, skin conditioning, nutrient and elasticity.
  • Pearl Powder: Pearl powder which has a natural function of purifying skin helps to maintain more pure & clean skin. After using of the product, moisture rate of your skin may increase by 60%. With its antioxidant, it helps moisturizing and firming saggy skin.

Other Features:

  • Very effective and convenient not only for under eyes, but also for a middle of forehead, between eyebrows, around lips and neck. Easy to adhere whatever areas you need to improve.
  • Mask and Eye patch are made with the expensive components: diamond, gold, pearls, caviar, kelp, green tea, aloe vera, collagen, roses and other natural ingredients to form a water soluble gel mask.
  • Whole mask is melt 100% in the water at minimum temperature of 80C. It is eco-friendly, and decomposed completely. After 10 mins cooling down , 100% high nutrients essence is made naturally. This essence can be applied on the face & body, elbow, hand & foot to soften and moisten the skin more (especially good after using soap which dries skin easily.)
  • The Japanese are particularly fond of putting the mask on when bathing in Hot Spring.The mask has great cooling, calming, and soothing effect, it helps repairing damaged skin cells. The mask is particularly suitable for use after sun, after cosmetic surgery and skin procedures such as laser or peeling, etc. Even without refrigerating the mask, you can feel the cooling effect all the way. Cooling and calming effect will be even more outstanding if masks are kept in the refrigerator before use. Due to the form in gel type, they are easily adhere to the face and convenient without slipping or sticking, feeling fresh & clean. (also, very popular among men).

[Active Ingredient] Purified Water, Rose Water, Colloidal Gold (100 ppm) , Citurs Unshiu Peel Extract, Pearl Powder, Algae Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Collagen.

[How to use - A] 

  1. Cleaning process of your face follow up by toner and moisturizer
  2. Apply eye patches on desired areas and leave it on for 20-30 minutes
  3. It can be used in the middle of your forehead, between eyebrows, around lips, neck and any area prone to wrinkles and pigmentation.

[How to use - B]  You can leave it on when you are sleeping, Your entire face including eyes and lips will be moisturized overnight. The mask/eye patch is getting thinner and thinner as nutrients are absorbed into the face, responding to the skin temperature. (original thickness 0.9mm, after 30 mins 0.4mm).

[How to use - C - Big Tips] Eye patch was made with water-soluble material (Jelly) with lots of greatest material embedded.  User can create their own essence after used: placing used eye patch onto warm to hot water with 70-80 degree until it dissolve totally.  Essence can be used to put onto your face or other part of the body area. 

    About Rearar DiaForce – a famous brand in South Korea, promotes natural, pollution-free skin care. The mask itself is all natural, non-allergic, and eco-friendly. It has been certified by the U.S. FDA for its safety and passed testing of a number of South Korean inspection agencies. DiaForce is also recommended by Korean Medical Beauty Experts. 100% water-soluble hydrogel Mask which was developed with the latest technology, sold 150,000 boxes in only three months breaking the Japanese market.  Since it is so popular, there are many "fakes" out there selling with a very cheap price, beware to get the original product from Beauty & Nuri co ltd

    [Contain] 60 eye patches in 1 box

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