Mirum THE+ 6 System Mask – Whitening Care (Whitening System) *exp.date – skin18com

Mirum THE+ 6 System Mask – Whitening Care (Whitening System) *exp.date 05/17*

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Mirum THE+ Whitening Care (Whitening System)

Brightening & Whitening
6 Free System: Animal Fat, MGO, Silicon, Artificial colors, Benzophenone, Mineral oil

Whitening ingredients Niacin amide in this mask has an obvious whitening function. It can regulate skin tone and remove the spots on the skin whose effect is just as good as getting a professional spa. Epidermal growth factor (E.G.F), vitamin C and a variety of fruit ingredients extracts, can provide the skin with moisture and nutrients. It is the best choice for the skin that needs a whitening effect.

[ Professional Skin Management in 3 Steps for Mirum THE+ series ]

All for the skin, for all of skin - this is a professional skin management 3 steps:

  • Selected nutritious water
  • 100% natural cotton fabric
  • Natural ingredients extraction

Mirum The+ 6 system mask is formulated with white birch liquid which can promote skin’s own circulation. White birch liquid contains various minerals, organic acids and amino acids, as much as 40 times the content of pure water.  It can promote the skin’s metabolism procedure, increasing the cell’s activity, and healing skin inflammation and wounds.

[ Selected 3 Dimensional Cellulose Mask ]
New honeycomb, 100% cotton fabric. It can be attached to the skin tightly and help the essence contained in the mask to be absorbed in a short time.

[ How to Use ]

Step1: After cleansing, apply toner on skin first.
Step2: Take out of the mask and attach it on face evenly.
Step3: After 15-20 minutes, take off the mask after the essence contained in the mask has been absorbed completely. Massage to end.

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  • How many sheets are there in one packet?

    There are one sheet mask for each purchase under this item.  Thank you

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