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Medicos-V Pure Snail Silky Soothing Essential Mask

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Medicos-V Premium Cellulose Mask - Magic Daily Care Mask

Medicos-V manufacture skin friendly products with naturally derived ingredients.  From simply daily care to special, they develop their products to meet customer's needs.  Continuous usages of "Medicos'V" will moisturizes the skin by supplying moisture and nutrition, as well as maintain a healthy skin by relieving skin.

Pure Snail Silky Soothing Essential Mask (25ml) 

[Product Description]

  • Mushroom extract gives rough and dull skin vitality with moisture balance.
  • Snall extract and adenosine penetrate deep into skin giving nutrition with elasticity for firm skin care
  • Natural cellulose sheet fits on skin providing moisture for long hours.
  • Wrinkle improvement function certified
  • Skin irritation testified
  • Eco-friendly cellulose sheet

[Product Detail function]

  • Solution mask for skin problems like wrinkle, desiccation, corneum caused by moisture deficit
  • Amadou to help seburn control on lifeless and desiccated skin, Epiphragm filtrate (1000ppm) to supply nutrition into deep skin layers
  • Wrinkle improvement function sheet mask certified by KFDA containing adenosine to improve wrinkle and control for healthy and strong skin

Quality up! Price Down (Magic Daily care mask)
(1) COntinuous nutrition supply - Continuous nutrition supply into deep skin maintains and protects skin beauty.
(2) Skin vitality improvement - Revitalization of fundamental skin cell and care of seburn and pore embellish smooth skin.
(3) Reinforcement of skin resilience - Intensive moisture and nutrition supply on fatigued skin embellshes elastic and vital skin.

Safe care depending on skin types!
Sleek and Smooth skin! Silky Smoothing Essential Mask

  • Wrinkle improvement function : Certified by KFDA. Functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement (adenosine contained)
  • Intensive nutrition care : Intesive nutrition supply of on rough and inelastic skin.
  • Sleek and smooth skin : Sleek and Elastic skin full of nutrition
  • Elastic Function Improvement : epiphragm filtrate (1000ppm) contained

How to Use:

  1. After facial rinse and wiping water, arrange skin with toner.
  2. Unfold the mask fully and put it on the face.
  3. Remove the mask after taking a rest for 10~20 minutes.
  4. Lift off the mask and gently pat remaining serum to skin.

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