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Luke Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch - Vitamin Nutrition Pumping (Orange)

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[Main Features]
  • Help feeding Vitamin nutrition pumping for bright looking eyes
  • Refreshing & Moisturizing
  • Visible Anti-wrinkle Effect & Elasticity
  • Excellent Revitalization & Resilience
  • Main Purpose : Hydration, Firming, reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • It has TDS(Transdermal Delivery System) Technology.- Provides beneficial nutrition
  • This patch supply intense hydration and relaxation to your tired eyes and deliver nutrients to your eye skin.

[ Vitamin Patch Effect  ]

  • Vitamin - Supply Weary eyes with Vita
  • [Vitamin E, A & C, Provitamin B5 and B3- Prevention of Dark Circle]  Dark circle which caused by lacking of circulation of blood is prevented and nutrition is supplied to the eyes so that help maintain bright and clear eyes.
  • [Orange Extract-Pore tightened]  Vitamin from orange extract makes pore tight and provides enough moisture to the eyes so makes eyes elastic.
  • [Hydro Gel- Excellent moisturizer]  Hydro Gel which richly contains moisture helps to keep healthy and beautiful eyes.
  • [Transdermal Delivery System - Concentrative nutrition supply]  Skin care ingredients of Hydro Gel absorb deeply into your skin so give concentrative supply to the eyes that needed nutrition.

[Five Types for different kinds of Eye Problem]

  • LUKE Hydrogel  Eye Patch series has a total of 4 types aim for different eye treatment problems:
    • Wrinkles (Red) - starting to have lines under your eyes? this type of eye patch is suggested for those with obvious lines under eyes.  Often usage can fade out lines and wrinkle.
    • Eye Puffiness (Purple) - many people get puffy eyes in the morning or at night because of body or skin tiredness, get the best result to be used in the morning time with those patch to relax under eye area.
    • Collagen (Green) - skin area under eyes need nutrition pumping just like how we need to eat everyday, feed your eyes with "collagen" which is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together
    • Vitamin (Orange) -  skin area under eyes need nutrition pumping just like how we need to eat everyday, feed your eyes with "vitamin" which is essential nutrients that your body need in small amounts in order to work properly.

      [How to Use] - Easy to apply and remove.

      1. After cleansing, dry with a towel.
      2. It is helpful to apply eye cream or essence before pasting the patch to your area (not too much), when apply please lightly pat it under eyes area.
      3. Peel off the patch from plastic liner and apply onto the desired area.
      4. .Leave on for 20-30 minutes and remove the patch.
      5. After removing the patch, no rinsing is necessary.
      * Important notes: Finish with eye serum or cream.


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