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LALA Cynical Rabbit Point Pads (4 types x 10 pads = 40 pads) * 08/2017*

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There are a total of 4 types of LALA Cynical Rabbit Point Pads with different functions include Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing, Pore Care and Whitening.

[ About LALA Cynical Rabbit Point Pads ]

  • A mask made especially for partial care of any body parts!
  • The mask pack sheet contains highly-enriched essence.
  • If you attach it onto the skin, it can fit nutrition to the skin as well.
  • Compared to cotton and rayon, it keeps moisture for a longer time.
  • Even the edge of the mask pack does not dry out easily.
  • It is mild and refreshing.
  • Mask was created with skin pigmentation technology which has a long term research and testing before launching.
  • It uses high-quality cellulose sheet to increase to stimulus and well attached to the skin.
[ About the cynical rabbit point pack mask material? ]
  • Sheet mask is made with cupra fabric.
  • Cupra fabric has better moisture holding power and elasticity.
  • It gives nutrient to the skin in a better way without causing any stimulus.
  • Unlike other non-woven mask pack, this can prevent evaporation and keep the nutrient for a longer time due to its high density of material.
[ Where do I use those patches? ]
face / neck / cheek / hand / joints / foot area / joints / dull skin area / knee / elbow / etc

[ How to use ]
  1. Wash the face / any body area
  2. Remove water on the face / body area
  3. Optional to prepare the skin with toner
  4. Open the patch and attach it onto the face / body area
  5. Remove after 10-20 minutes and gently dab the skin

[ Size ] 17g (10 pads on one pack)

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