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Laffair Vitamin Mask for Special Moisturizing (Elasticity)

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L'affair mask has different types with difference natural ingredients to moisturize and firm your skin!

Contains kiwi fruit and lemon extracts and able to change the dry and rough skin, the lemon extract has a high percentage of Vitamin heightens your skin moisture holding capacity and helps keep the skin elastic and healthy looking, six kinds of extracts can improve your skin in revitalization and elasticity.

This is a cosmetic facial mask pack compounded with special ingredients used in aesthetic beauty clinics.  Mask is intended for improvement of a wide array of common skin problems.  Also apply the specialists skin employ formula and their know-how in order to show the definite result of trials.  You can feel like you have just received a professional facial skin caring process after using it. It is definitely the answer to your healthy, elastic and white skin.

Each type has a special function for special needs, main general ingredients include Water, Glycerin, Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Casstor Oil, Carbomer and more.  It can adjust your pH levels and balance it up.  An imbalanced pH level in skin can lead to problems such as wrinkles, inflammation, extreme sensitivity, or acne.  Using this effective moisturizing mask helps rebuild this important barrier during the mask process.

pH stands for "potential hydrogen" and is used to describe the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance, which ranges from 0 (the most acidic) to 14 (the most alkaline). What does this means is that the health of your skin is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity.

[How to use]

  1. After washing and cleaning your face thoroughly, open the pouch and remove one sheet
  2. Spread the mask sheet evenly on your face and make it stick to your face
  3. Relax for 10-20 minutes until the enriched ingredients are thoroughly absorbed into your skin revoe the sheet
  4. Softly massage your face to make sure the remaining excel substances are completely absorbed into the skin

[Tips] The most effective way is to use the product successively for 4 weeks, as it is the period of time for a skin turnover cycle.

[Weight] 23ml per sheet

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