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Grinif Tea Tree Mist

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Protect your skin from troubles - Experience new tea tree mist with high content of tea tree water of your skin.
[Contains 92% of Tea tree water] Used tea tree water instead of purified water
[Safe 5 Free Treatment] Paraben, triethanolamine, artifical fragrance, mineral oil, artifical color FREE.

Make the skin clean and clear by water drop of strong vitality!

Trouble care teatree mist - mist that calms down the skin and make the skin clean and clear y containing 92% of tea tree water instead of purified water, keep the skin moist as it contains moisturizing ingredient such as allantoin, licorice extract and witch hazel extract.
Offer freshment to your skin - Tea tree water mist for rosy, powerless and fatigued skin caused by trouble!! TEATREE WATER!

  1. Deal with troubled skin! Trouble care Mist - Make the skin healthier by ingredients that help skin recovery such as allantoin, grapefruit extract, licorice extract, and witch hazel extract and calms down troubles by tea tree water and recovers the skin condition to protect itself from external environment.
  2. Differentiated mist, Double control system - Offer feeling of refreshment and make the skin moist by double control system that controls excessive sebum while it provides moisture to dry skin.
  3. Normalize the skin that is fatigued by trouble, Excellent skin regenerating - Normalize the skin that is fatigued by external environment and trouble and help recovering and regenerating skin in order to prevent trouble from getting rough.
  • Tea tree is excellent in skin with pimples as it is effective for virus and infections, so it immediately calms down the skin to make the skin clean.
  • Tea tree mist of Grinif helps making healthy skin without irritation or side effects as it keep the skin healthy by calming the relieving stress and skin irritation.
    * Also it tightens up the pore by witch hazel and provide nutrients and moisture to the skin as it controls excessive sebum.

[Specification] 92.5% of tea tree water, instead of using purified water, keeps the skin clear and clean and soothe it.
[Size] 80ml

[Features] As tea tree is effective against bacterial infection, it quickly soothes acne skin and keeps it clean. GRINIF Tea Tree Mist relieves irritated or stressed skin and keeps it healthy without any side effects or irritating sensitive skin. Non-irritating witch hazel tightens pores, controls excess sebum, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

[Product concept] 92.5% of tea tree water, instead of using purified water, keeps the skin clear and clean and soothe it.

The moisturizing ingredients such as witch hazel extract, licorice extract and allantoin keep the skin soft and supple.

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