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Grinif Oxygen Bubble Mask Cleanser * 11/2017*

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No Hazardous substance (8 Free) - This product does not contain: paraben, phenoxyethanol, artificial scent, artificial dyes, alcohol, mineral oil, triethanolamine, Carboner.

Hypoallergenic deep cleansing effect - Rich bubbles are generated even if you don't massage, and it does not irritate your skin with dead skin cell care.

This cleanser generates oxygen bubbles with soft feeling like applying an essence. It gets ride of makeup left overs and waste for clean skin while massaging and washing your face. You do not have to wash off multiple times, and there is no straining after the wash.

Just wash off once! No Irritation! - Exfoliation, cleansing, and oxygen bubble mask pack are all in one! It will clean up thick makeup and waste at once! No Hazardous stimulation on the skin! Give your skin a rest. The oxygen bubbles will let your skin breathe.

The newly combined ingredients with the state of the art cosmetic technology will gently wash off the built-up waste between wrinkles with the oxygen bubbles. It will add brighter tone on your skin with soft and sleek skin.

Oxygen bubble deep cleaning with Hydro-cushion : Washing off with smooth bubbles like whip cream

It washes off makeup leftovers, and vegetable and fruit ingredients will moisturize your skin - Oxygen bubble mask cleanser reacts with oxygen to generate soft bubbles like whip cream for the purpose of getting ride of hazardous substances and makeup leftovers. You only need this cleanser to deep cleanse, care black heads, and seburn, therefore you only need to wash once. All you have to do is massage for 3~4 minutes your face gently when the bubbles are generated.

White bubbles are like whipping egg white without any irritation

  • Cleaning for moist skin - Oxygen bubble mask pack clean up dirty waste of your skin, and maintain your natural moist protection layer.
  • Great for sensitive skin - This product is good for hypoallergenic skin, and it maintains healthy skin tone with skin care.
  • Excellent pore care - It generates oxygen bubbles when you apply it on the skin. When it is applied, it provides oxygen, amino acid, and mineral generated by natural vegetable ingredients for your healthy skin!
  • Moist and shine for your skin
  • Natural mosti substance transfers water to the skin, therefore there is no tension, but moist in your skin.
  • Hypoallergenic downy wash mask - Sxygen bubbles don't irritate your skin.

Hazardous substances are greatly reduced for sensitive skin (No 5 substances)

[Specifications] This is a bubble cleanser that can create oxygen bubbles just by rubbing and leaves the skin feeling smooth like an essence.

[Size] 100ml

[Features] The cleanser reaches deep within the skin to create smooth bubbles like whipped cream and thoroughly removes external harmful factors and makeup residue. As this is an all-in-one cleanser and its fine bubbles give a deep cleansing effect and remove blackhead and sebum, it doesn't require double cleansing.

[Product concept] This is a bubble cleanser that can create oxygen bubbles just by rubbing and leaves the skin feeling smooth like an essence.  Massaging it thoroughly removes makeup residue and skin waste and keeps the skin clean and clear. It doesn't require double cleansing and leaves the skin soft and without tugging or pulling.


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