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Grinif Detox Pore Brush

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About 240,000 microfiber brush heads of Grinif’s Detox Pore Brush cleanse and care waste, blackhead, and dead skin cellin the pores for your clearer and brighter skin.  Specially processed brush heads evenly spread the pressure, and the end of the brush head cleanses softly.

*Are you happy with your tangerine-like skin?  It is not easy to get rid of dead skin cells even if you exfoliate weekly.   The reason lies on cleansing cream.  Expensive cleansing cream cannot guarantee the full cleansing.  If you did not clean up the remaining waste on your skin, the pore will be wider and the dead skin cells will be piled up.

ONLY 3 MINUTES FOR YOUR SKIN – it is how you cleanse your skin instead of how many times you wash.  Expect your shiny and sleek skin with Detox Pore Brush!!!!

What is Black Head? Black head – it is state where the pore is clogged due to the excessive seburn and dead skin cells.  Therefore the seburn is not discharged out the pore.  The white heads are contacted with the air, and it is oxidized resulting the surface of the pore looking black.

Gradually widening pores – if you leave black heads for a long time without any treatment, the size of oxidized seburn increases by decreasing the contracting ability of the skin with loosen pores.  This might result your skin to look like pockmarked skin along the seburn.


  • *Specially manufactured brush heads – special technology inside the about 240,000 microfiber brush heads maintain the neat condition of the brush heads, and the brush hairs hardly are pulled off with great balanced technology.
  • * Great cleansing effect – the microfiber brush heads delicatedly scrape and cleanse out deep inside the pores
  • * Ergonomic gripping – you can conveniently use the brush with great gripping, and the strap at the end enables you to just hook it when you are done for the better hygiene.
  • Highly recommend for you who are having problems with: Excessive seburn, Black Heads, Widen Pores.

[Specifications] about 340,000 ultra-fine bristles care for wastes in the pore, blackheads, dead skin cells, etc thoroughly

About 340,000 ultra-fine bristles care for wastes in the pore, blackheads, dead skin cells, etc thoroughly, making the skin smooth and clean. Also, the abundant bristles evenly disperse pressure contacting the skin, and the end of the bristles specially processed softly works on the skin, helping fresh cleansing.

[Before & After] - Please view our graphical images

Before: You can see her is encountering problems with waste, dead skin cells, and excessive seburn on her sensitive skin.  The condition of her skin has been improved after she has used the pore brush.  We recommend to use 2 times per week for sensitive skin type and 3 times per week for regular skin type.

[Direction] After you water your face and brush thoroughly, make foam with your hand by squeezing cleansing foam on the brush.  Brush gently along the line against skin texture.  Wash off with warm water by gently massaging.

[Storage] Wash off the remaining soap or cleansing foam in the flowing water.  you can gently hang it on a hook for hygienic purpose.

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