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Grinif Aloe Mist

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[Contains 92% of Aloe vera water] used Aloe vera water instead of purified water

[Safe 5 free treatment] Paraben, triethanolamine, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, artificial color FREE

Magical water of life that is excellent in moisturizing effect!! MOISTURE CARE ALOE MIST

Aloe vera juice and aloe leaf, and it contains hollyhock extract also. This mist can alleviate skin irritation and stress. It also keeps your skin healthy and aloe mist provides sufficient moisturizer to the skin in dry weather.

  • Mist that calms down the skin and make the skin clean and clear by containing 92% of aloevera water instead of purified water.
  • Keep the skin moist at it contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, rose mallow extract and betaine.
  • It is a MUST-HAVE item for all season - Aloe vera that especially shows excellent effect in skin calming, clams down sensitive skin texture and recovers damaged skin.  You can keep your skin healthy if you spray mist frequently or whenever you feel dryness.

Aloe vera water mist is made for those who have extremely dry skin because:

  • Skin becomes red because of the sun ray!
  • Skin gets dried because of air conditioner in the office!
  • Skin is too rough no matter how much mist you used!

More features:

  1. Pure Aloe mist that can be absorbed in any type of skin - provide nutrients and moisture without irritation as aloe vera water gets softly absorbed into the skin, and controls oil and moisture balance, clams down the skin that becomes dry and fatigued by external environment as it contains rose mallow extract that is excellent in skin protection and hyaluronic acid that directly delivers moisture to collagen.
  2. Strong moisture power - Aloe vera water fills up moisture from inside the skin and calms down the skin that is irritated and sensitive caused by biting wind in winter immediately.
  3. High moisturizing skin texture that blooms up in dry indoors - feel moist skin for a long time by high moisturizing aloe mist as you spray once in 30 minutes or an hour in your office.

Aloe is well-known for its effectiveness in skin care makes the skin healthy and heals wound and saponaria in the aleo is excellent in calming down irritated skin and cooling down as it is effective in mastiitis & cut.

[Specification] 92.5% of tea tree water, instead of using purified water, keeps the skin clear and clean and soothe it.

[Size] 80ml

[Features] As tea tree is effective against bacterial infection, it quickly soothes acne skin and keeps it clean. GRINIF Tea Tree Mist relieves irritated or stressed skin and keeps it healthy without any side effects or irritating sensitive skin. Non-irritating witch hazel tightens pores, controls excess sebum, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

[Product concept] 92.5% of tea tree water, instead of using purified water, keeps the skin clear and clean and soothe it.  The moisturizing ingredients such as witch hazel extract, licorice extract and allantoin keep the skin soft and supple.

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