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GRAY MELIN If only Brightening Milky Skin - Whitening Line * 08/17*

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Want to have “skin like milk”? This is an immediate brightening lotion containing albutin and natural extracts that are harmless to the skin. 

Secret of milky skin that brightly shines: Free fragrance, color as it considers the skin.  Immediate brightening effect to your skin by vitamin, albutin, Niacinamide.  Keep bright skin for a maximum of 10 hours.

Special Instruction and Reminder – there are special types of application for this product, you can

  • Apply milky skin then wash with foam after 3-5 minutes and put your moisture cream
  • Apply milky skin then wash after 3-5 minutes with cold water and put your moisture cream
  • Use it at the last step of your basic skincare routine


  1. Max 10 hours to make your skin clear and bright! It is absorbed quickly to your skin and it has an immediate brightening effects and it can last up to 10 hours.
  2. Containing the Arbutin, Vitamin B3, and Morus Bark Extract: The Arbutin, Vit B3, and Morus Bark Extract of the product on deep skin, so it makes the skin bright and homogeneously stable skin.  It supplies rich moisture and nutrition, creates clear and bright skin with soft skin texture and abundant moisture as it provides moisture and nutrient.
  3. No Fragrance, No pigment, No Paraben - anyone who is young, old, women or even men can use this product to make your skin brighter. Anybody can use this especially who are having sensitive skin.  It is very safe because it does not contain the fragrance, pigment, or alcohol. It protects and moisturizes the skin and anyone can have bright skin at anytime, anywhere.

Huge Customers used and expressed strong satisfaction.  If ONLY brightening Milky skin is the products based on long term study and many tests.

[How to use]

Face, Body (Basic instruction)

  1. Pump IF ONLY brightening Milky skin
  2. Apply to skin slightly
  3. Wash lightly with water after 3-5 mins
  4. Apply moisture cream or essence to avoid dryness after washing

Face, Body (Another application)

  • Tip(1) Apply the basic care line. At the last step of basic case (Cream or Lotion), mix small amount of Milky skin and spread it out.  Without washing, you are ready to go out (for dry skin type)
  • Tip(2) Apply enough amount of Milky Skin, and then wash with small amount of foam cleansing by using tepid water or cold water with milk scrubbing.
  • Tip(3) Spread Milky Skin and leave it for 5-7 mins rather than 3 mins. Then wash with cold water without foam cleansing.

Using of Milky Skin is various for several skin type.  Above (Another application) is suggested by customers.  You may find the best way to use this specially for your own skin type.  People who are dissatisfied at first will get satisfied with another application.  The reason which washing the Milky Skin after application is that it creates a more natural look and it is very safe without washing.

[Size] 200ml

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