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GRAY MELIN Black Food Nutry Cream (Intensive Nourishment)

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Have you seen any cream that is in black color? No? Moisturizers and Cream are usually in white, light green, light pink, or any color with milky white.  This is very different than those you had seen in the market - you should read how special this cream is for your skin.

It is black and it is special; it is made from deep ocean water so it's texture is gel-like with a refreshing feeling and it is not milky cream; it is black because majority of its ingredients are nature food/fruit that contain a natural black color.  This cream is very natural and original made with all "black" ingredients.

This product is not only for ladies, its color is also made for especially for men.  Stop feeling shy guys and start moisturizing your skin today!

The cream is mainly made of 8 very special "black" ingredients:

  1. Blackberry
  2. Black sesame
  3. Black beans
  4. Black Rice
  5. Sea tangle (Kelp)
  6. Grapes
  7. Hyaluronic Acid
  8. Black oat extract

[Main features]

  • Application is for ultra-hydration and intensive nourishment
  • Help even the most parched skin keep hydrated and comfortable and enhance the hydration to protect tired and dry skin from environmental damage to reveal clear and fresh looking skin.
  • This unique formula with botanical extracts, plenty of moisture and lubricant.
  • Containing highly concentrated agents to normalize the astringent balance of skin and provide plenty of nourishment to keep skin moisturized all day.
  • It gives brightly shiny face.
  • It brightens skin tone lively and gives shiny skin as soon as applied.
  • It delivers rich moisture and elasticity to the skin.
  • It creates moist and keeps moisture and elasticity for long.

[Special features]

  • Deep ocean water: seawater that is from 200m of deep sea and that is different from the surface water which has been caused by external environment.
  • Hyarulonic acid: It is most effective at maintaining moistures as it is capable of keeping moisture about 80 times.
  • Biosaccharide Gum-1: Natural hydrating high molecules formulated by method of fermentation enhance astringent benefits.
  • ViSodium Ascorbyl Posphate: Provide anti-xidant protection to improve the skin's tone.

[Contain] 100g (3.53oz)

[Direction for use]

Every morning and evening after washing or shaving, apply proper amount to face and neck.  Always avoid direct on eye contact.  Apply onto face evenly along the skin texture from inner to outer face.  Suggested to be applied at the end of your skin care routine.

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