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Freebies - Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-Aging Coating Cream (Sample Pack)

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Freebies Rules: 1 pcs per order ONLY !! Absolutely FREE!

You can get this for FREE by paying shipping & handling fee only, no minimum purchasing amount.  Put this on cart and check out.

Main Features

Multi-function of 30 days anti-aging coating cream:

  • Daily cream
    • Complete basic skin stem cells. Function activated, the skin self-reliance to improve skin.
    • Protect the skin from harmful external environment.
  • Elastic cream
    • KFDA certified ingredients that improves wrinkles.
    • Containing adenosine
    • Raise new cells active
      • To help repair the skin effect of allantoin
      • Territory ingredients form a protective film
      • The skin is stimulated to stabilize
  • Whitening Cream
    • KFDA certification whitening ingredients
    • It contains arbutin, licorice extract, etc.
      • For pure plant whitening ingredients,
      • Color to the next level, clean and clear.
  • Moist cream
    • Clinching containing moisture in the skin
    • Ceramide ingredient
    • Containing the rough skin becomes tender
    • Natural plant ingredients shea butter

3 special valueable features:

  1. Cutting-edge technology and high-quality ingredients
  • 30days free itself with research institutes and production facilities and carefully selected high quality ingredients to produce a good product
  • The skin product allows only safe ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, artificial flavor, artificial colors, surface active agents, mineral oil, steroids. You can safely use to produce non-irritating cosmetics 0.0%
  • Skin desired product composition
  • 30days does not exaggerate exaggerated marketing and product composition, for must of products and reasonable prices to customers are recognized. Thereby cosmetic stem cell research, and unswerving commitment to sustainable development.

Recommendation to those people:

  • Recommend to 1. Wrinkles, elasticity, color ... I have all the signs of aging .....
  • Recommend to 2. Preservatives, surfactants ... worry bad ingredients on cosmetics ...
  • Recommend to 3. Features of the essence of the words In the consumer has the burden ...
  • Recommend to 4. Because of sensitive skin Not just change of cosmetic...
  • Recommend to 5. Because the pressure of living, Loss of skin elasticity
  • Recommend to 6. Skin is not smooth , With very rough & dull skin ..

    [How to use]

    1. Remove water after washing face.
    2. Spread the product softly on the entire face.
    3. Get the product absorbed into the skin by lightly dabbing using your hands or fingers.
    4. When applying the product to the neck area, apply it from bottom to top.
    5. If you have a really dry skin or it is during winter time, finish your skin care routine with moisture cream or lotion

    Toner -> 30days Anti-Aging Project (Serum) After total absorbing -> 30days Anti-Aging Coating Cream


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    • I live in Bangladesh... how can I get thisis product? how.much will the shihiping cost?

      HI, please kindly go to to find out more on shipping cost, thank you.

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