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costro 7 Day's UP Mask Box (x7 masks)

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[ About costro 7 Day's UP mask ]
  • Oxygen mask pack will protect the face everyday.
  • Refresh and Renew the skin with this 7 days-UP set!
  • Daily mask pack 7 days-up with everyday Oxygen supply.
  • It will give you better condition from Monday to Sunday.
  • Different face conditioning process everyday with different functions for the skin!
  • 7 days-up receipt: Hypoxic water which contain rich oxygen is an effective detox functions.
  • Hypoxic water ameks your vitality go UP!
  • Scientific 1-day-1-pack planning on everyday with different functional Sheet
  • Skin purification components - Hypoxic Water
  • Daily Skin trouble prescription
  • Domestic No.1 Korea Kolma manufactured

[ Detox effect through Oxygen ]

  • 7 day's oxygen holding system - bloodstream change when oxygen touches the face.
  • The more red blood cell increased, the more bloodstream increased, which will discharge waste from body smoothly.

[ Oxygen and Nutrition provision ]

  • Skin breath cell activate Hypoxic water called drinking cosmetic, which is helpful to recover milky skin tone through detox action.
  • Hypoxic water is skin purification system.
  • Oxygen strengthen immune system through detox effect in the body for skin regenerating, deep sleep, blood circulation.

[ How To Use ]

  1. Clean face and optional to tone it for preparation.
  2. Open the pack, unfold the mask and place it on the face
  3. Wait for 15-20 minutes and enjoy the moisturzation process
  4. Take off the mask, apply extra essence onto the face or other part of your skin

* You will experience the improvement face texture with 1-day-1-sheet for 7 consecutive days
* More effective if you select mask sheet depending on your skin condition.
* Present people your happy & healthy face to express your gratitude for their encouragement

[ Size ] 23 ~ 30g per pack x 7pcs = 210grams

[ Detail Ingredient list ]  Please go to each type of mask for detail ingredient list:

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