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Coreana SHO Horse Oil Nose Pack

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  • Pure Horse Oil from Jeju island to relieve your nose of blackhead problem.
  • Main Functions: Pore Clearing + Whitehead & Blackhead Removing + Pore Tightening
  • Melting Essense to open the pore without any stimulation.
  • The blackhead and whitehead can be removed by one time.
  • Tightening essence help you to get tight and healthy skin.
  • RODIN SHO Horse Oil Nose Pack relieve you of blackhead problem, Step by step, it can efficiently remove the annoying blackhead in a convenient and gentle way. 
  • Nose will feel fresh and healthy after continual using product.

[ 3 steps functions and main ingredient on each step]

  • Step (1) Blackhead Melting Sheet: Pure cotton sheet to open the pore & melting blackhead. Melting and bringing out the blackhead in a gentle way.
    • Bio Celluloseis? Research has found that the coconut which growth in nature circumstances its shell contains 53.06% cellulose and 36.51% lignin, the cellulose extractedf rom coconut shell has a better essence absorption effect than general cotton know as "a cotton that have a skin renewing effect". Cellulose sheet combine with addictive free formula to bring you fantastic and tight skin.
    • Horse oil from Jeju island and various herb extracts work together to open the pore in a gental way without worrying about the pores with become more and more rough, it can effectively dissolve the blackhead and bring it out from deep of pore.
  • Step (2) Blackhead Absorption Strips: Absorb the accumulated blackhead gentlely. Works as a glue absorb out the stubborn blackd and whitehead, one stripe that solve serveral problems for you!
    • This stripe can remove the blackhead, whitehead, the aging sebum and the waste accumlated in the pores at the same time, a deep and through cleansing for your pores~
    • Pull out the waste which hidden in pores for many years and the makeup residue in no time!
  • Step (3) Pore Tightening Sheet: Bio Cellulose Sheet used to promote the horse oil to be absorbed. The Bio cellulose sheet can promote the contained horse oil can be absorbed completely, help you and your nose regain endless confidence!
    • Pure Horse Oil from Jeju island work to supply special and gentle care for your weak skin around nose. Various herb extracts can not only soothe nasal pores, it can also calm and protect. the deep of pore, prevent the blackhead from re-existing, say good bye to the annoying blackhead forever~
[ How to use ]
  1. (Black head melting sheet) After cleaning the face, apply skin with toner and apply the Blackhead melting sheet on nose area
  2. (Black head melting sheet) After 15-20 mins, take off the sheet and clean nose with cotton swab.
  3. (Black head absorption strips) Rinse the nose with water and tore the second pouch with dry hand, tear off the transparent paper and apply the sheet on nose evenly to get a good absorption effect.
  4. (Black head absorption strips) After 10-15 mins, remove slowly from the edge of the sheet when it is completely dry.
  5. (Pore Tightening Sheet) Rip off the third pouch and take out of the two layers of paper, apply the sheet in the middle place on the nose evenly for 5-10 minutes then remove it.
  6. (Pore Tightening Sheet) Massage the nose area to enhance the essense absorption effect.


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