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Blogger's Pack (Level 7) LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Masks (7 masks from Monday to Sunday) x 7pcs

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     [ Skin18 Reviewing 1-to-10s program ] 

    • For blogger who meet the minimum requirements for  [ Skin18 Reviewing 1-to-10s program ] and got approved to upgrade to level 7, make sure you already get an upgrading email from our blogger / marketing team.
    • Level 7 = 7 masks
    • Types will be randomly selected by Skin18
    • Package comes with 7 pcs of masks from Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Box.
    • Total Value of level 7 pack: US$38 / Skin18 Price US$24 / For Blogger US$0.00

    [ About Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Masks ]

    7 SKIN SCHEDULER MASK -- Start refreshingly and healthily with the power of skin change within 7days.

    7 SKIN SCHEDULER which will not permit a day of inattention. 7days later! Expect to hear that - your skin looks great!

    [ Good Formula ] No Animal Material, No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No GMO, No Sulfate, No Benzophenone, No Pigment, Mask with non-woven fabric

    [ Capacity ] 26ml*7pcs= 182ml

    [ Features ] This is highly enriched product of aloe and skin activators, and nutritional contents on the sheet with excellent skin adhesion. It cares oil and moisture, blocks toxic substances to skin and makes moisturizing and elastic skin.

    [ Enjoy the process from Monday to Sunday ] 

    1. Monday [ Aloe - Juicy Mask ] - Monday with waterful moisturized skin Start refreshingly and healthily!
    2. Tuesday [ Ginkgo - Anti-Wrinkle ] - Remove wrinkles on Tuesday! Relieve weak eye area, near mouth and deep wrinkles and also lifting effect
    3. Wednesday [ Grape - Whitening Masks ] - Wednesday, nearly time of tiredness. For falling dark circles and dulling skin tone, Transparently shine from the inside!
    4. Thursday [ Cucumber - Bouncing Masks ] - Firm UP on Thursday! Finely fill up skin density.
    5. Friday [ Acerola - Recovery Masks ] - Happy Friday!! Enjoy happily as much as possible~~ Stress out!
    6. Saturday [ Pomegranate - Vital Masks ] - time to recover skin vitality and provide antioxidants and energy deep inside skin
    7. Sunday [ Jasmine - Healing Masks ] - Healing mask on Sunday, Relieve, Protect and cure dried and tiresome skin

    [ Ingredient List ]

    Please go to each product's description to find out from the search menu or top menu bar :

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