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Blogger's Pack (Level 4) Soo Essence Mask for 4 Seasons x 4pcs

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Package will send out WITHOUT a tracking number and Skin18 is NOT responsible for any package lost, good luck! Please DO NOT place an order if you do not want to take the risk.

    • This item is ONLY for level 4 bloggers for  [ Skin18 Reviewing 1-to-100s program ] , if you are new to the program or unsure if you can join or not, please do not put this to the cart! - find out more on this link:
    • DO NOT put this to your shopping cart if you are unsure about the program, unsure about your accurate shipping address or do not want to follow Skin18's community. 
    • DO NOT order this with ANY other items, check out ONLY with this item.
    • REMEMBER to put your blogger's code (first level order number) when placing order, order will be deleted automatically if no blogger's code is inserted.

     [ Skin18 Reviewing 1-to-10s program ] 

    • For blogger who meet the minimum requirements for  [ Skin18 Reviewing 1-to-10s program ] and got approved to upgrade to level 4, make sure you already get an upgrading email from our blogger / marketing team.
    • Level 4 = 4 masks 
    • Types will be randomly selected by Skin18
    • Package comes with 4 pcs of randomly selected masks from Holika Holika Pure Essence Masks.
    • Types of Soo Essence Mask for 4 Seasons: aloe, arbutin, argan, collagen, cucumber, for men, Q10
    • Total Value of level 4 pack: US$1.7x4 = 6.8 / Skin18 Price US$1.15x4 = 4.6 / For Blogger US$0.00

    [ About SOO Essence Mask ]

    • Affordable luxurious pure and beautiful mask pack, the special treatment gives the enjoyment to your skin.
    • "Chung Jungmiin" Series meaning beautiful women series
    • Mask pack with Water Gloss Essence 
    • Sky type: for all skin type and all year around (4 seasons)
    • Soo Essence Mask keeps the moist hydration sense based on silky touch and excellent contact of "natural pulp mask"
    • The optimum skin condition is maintained by Soo essence extract to make elastic & moisturizing.
    • Mask Sheet contains full of moisture essence: apply leftover essence on the neck or legs for refreshing and moist finish.
    • Excellent adhesion: The sheet adheres to the skin tightly because it contains ample essence. Due to tis high adhesion, the essence permeates into the skin completely.
    • High Quality fabric used: The fabric used in this product are in intersecting patterns so that it tightnes increase the adhesion of the mask. The essence contained in the mask does not dry quickly and is made up to viscous high quality undiluted solution.

    [ How To Use ]

    1. After Cleansing, soothe your face with tonic water. 
    2. Apply the mask on the face, Smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
    3. Leave it for 20 ~ 30 minutes until the nutrients of the mask are absorbed, and then remove mask. 
    4. If essence is left on your face after taking off the mask, tap your face for allowing the essence to be completely absorbed into your skin.
    5. After removing the mask, nourishing is necessary. If you do make up base or paint your face after taking off the mask, you can feel fresh all day long.
    6. By using the mask 3~4 times per week, you can keep your skin always elastic and clear.

    COLD MASK for Summer : Keep in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before usage. 
    WARM MASK for Winter : Soak in warm to hot water (50~60℃) for about 2~3 minutes before usage.

    [ Size ] 23g (0.81oz)

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