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Ben & Sera 7 Days Whitening Miracle Project Serum (3ml syringe sample)

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Each sample syringe is enough to be used for 10-20 days. Important friendly reminder:


  • Be VERY CAREFUL when you push the syringe pump because you might pump all serum out at one time!!
  • Use ONLY ONE DROP each time, remember using more than one drop is just a waste, your face cannot absorb more than one drop on each application, do not waste it.

[Size] 3ml

Simple is the BEST – Many cosmetic companies are marketing their customers to buy many different kinds of products and suggested to use them a lot.  We made a single product that is more than enough for your skin which is the best for you.  And we do not suggest to use a lot – only one drop is enough for the whole face!!!

Effective Ingredient – Arbutin

Effects – Helps whitening your skin from a dull tone to a younger and brighter tone

How to Apply  - Every morning and every night, after applying lotion, apply appropriate amounts outwards from the center of the face. Apply appropriate amount on neck upwards from the bottom towards the chin.

Basic Skin Care! Just ONE is enough for your skin.  The amount of the moisture and nutrition that the skin can absorb at once is constant.  Toner-> Essence -> Eye Cream -> Lotion -> Cream??  Shorten this typical process NOW! The more levels you have in your skin care routine, the more irritation your skin will get.  Your skin would lose the ability to grow naturally which will eventually make your skin look bad… Buying expensive products that will only remain on the surface of the skin blocking the pore is useless.

Absorption! Can’t stress enough.  Choosing a single skin care product with good ingredient that will get the product to absorbed up to the deep down of your skin which is the best way for your skin.

What is Arbutin? It is a stable ingredient which has whitening effect.  Arbutin that is extracted from cowberry tree absorbs into the skin to prevent the creation of melanin pigment that is the cause of freckles.  It is also hypo-allergenic so it is widely used in cosmetic products.

Effects of Arbutin – Strong whitening effect! Fast and soft absorption! Skin flexibility and nutrition balance! Protects skin texture for lustrous skin!

Pisum sativum stem cell Activator – is the technology of the product – improved manufacturing process brought actual results to the users.  Exclusive technology enabled repeated use of the produt to result in no skin trouble.

What is a stem cell Activator?

  • Stem cells are biological cells that can divide into diverse specialized cell types in a human body.
  • Embryonic Stem Cell – Embryonic Stem Cells cannot be commercialized due to moral issues.
  • Adult Stem Cell – stem cells found throughout after they’ve been divided into a human body.

Stem cells and skin - Maintaining Skin’s Overall Physiology and Biochemical Homeostasis

  • Healing of wounds and scars
  • Restoration of Cells
  • Regenerating of Cells and Cell tissues
  • Maintaining a healthy looking skin and its overall condition

What is stem cell cosmetics?  They are cosmetic products that indirectly use stem cell techniques. These cosmetics are mainly composed of materials and ingredients gained through stem cells.

Plant stem cell Activator (Pisum Sativum)

Ingredient: Ceramide-3, Lecithin, Shear Butter, Squalene, Phytosterol, EGF, Hydrolized Pisum Protein.

  • Speeds up collagen synthesis
  • Takes care of wrinkles
  • Speeds up the promotion of fibrocyte
  • Anti-Oxidant Effect

[How to Use]

  1. Remove water after washing face
  2. Spread the product softly on the entire face
  3. Get the product absorbed into the skin by lightly dabbing using your hands
  4. When applying the product to the neck area, do so from bottom to top
  5. If you have really dry skin or when it is winter time, finish your skin care routine with moisture cream or lotion . If you wish to use this product with the products you already have, following routine is recommended:
    1. Toner -> Ben&Sera(after being absorbed) -> Lotion or Cream

Q1 – Do I only have to apply in the evening? Morning

A1 – It really does not matter whether you apply in the morning or in the evening.  However, since the skin regeneration usually starts from 10pm to 2am, we strongly recommend you to apply in the evening and of course if you apply two times a day (morning and evening) then a significant result will be seen quickly.

Q2 – Does it also work for acne scars?

A1 – Since it promotes the skin regeneration and skin cell circulation, it works for acne scars.  However, if one has deep acne scars, it won’t work very well.  This serum removes dead skin cells and it improves dark skin tone with stem cell ingredients.

Q3 – Now I am pregnant, can I use it?

A1 – Since this product does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, of course pregnant women can use it.  It is made of mild and natural ingredients.

Motive for inventing - It has to be better than the best! - 3 Way Safety

We focused on the quality of our cosmetics the most to bring out the best results, using environmentally friendly organic ingredients which are safe for all skin types.

  • NO Preservative: We did not use any antiseptic substance which is the number one cause for troubled skin.
  • NO Color: We did not include any pigment in our products for just good looks. It is our motto to exclude even the tiniest bit of any ingredients unless we know for a fact that it’s safe.
  • NO Fragrance: Free of scents make our product feel light and easy on the nose.


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