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Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle TaengTaeng Project Serum (3ml syringe)

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Each sample syringe is enough to be used for 10-20 days. Important friendly reminder:
  • Be VERY CAREFUL when you push the syringe pump because you might pump all serum out at one time!!
  • Use ONLY ONE DROP each time, remember using more than one drop is just a waste, your face cannot absorb more than one drop on each application, do not waste it.

[Size] 3ml

 About the product: (Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing)

  • Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Aging/Moisturizing
  • This product has an added whitening function and this product is recommended for over 40s.
  • A certified product with a function of improving wrinkle by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration)
  • As young people might feel sense of tension due to lifting sense, it's recommended for age over 40s.
  • With effective ingredient adenosine
Product functions
  • Keeping moisture - you can feel sense of coating film by applying it only once.
  • Wrinkle - which gives sense of lifting curvature between cells whose differentiation is completed) by cell activating agent.
  • Elasticity - results in elastic and glossy skins affecting genes and proteins related to aging.
  • Regeneration - Skin regeneration effects by EGF
It is not necessary to go to dermatologist anymore!! Ben & Sera will take care of your skin! Did you know that fraxel laser or MTS treatments use fine needles that might give you a skin damage, pain and other side effects? But Stem cell revitalizer ingredient is ionized and this enabled without any outside irritation such as needles, products are absorbed into the deep down of the skin.  Ingredients are safe so there are no side effects. The Result of Aging - skin dying? what's that?  As getting old, skin will produces less fatty acid, ceramide, lipid and etc. for the moisture protecting wall.  This lead to moisture lost and dry skin.  Less production of lipid on the epidermis layer is the natural result of the hormone decrease.
  • Power Elasticity (1) Penetrates in between the two dead skin cell layers and stay there for a long period of time. Skin dead skin cell has 10 layers.  Filling in the in-betweens of those layers has been the goal of many other cosmetic brands.  Ben & Sera used stem cell revitalizer ingredient that has been extracted from pea buds and amino acid to make the product penetrate in between the two dead skin cell layer and stay there.  This enables a new skin cell to produce at a faster pace.
  • Power Elasticity (2) 600 times more moisture absorption of its own weight: Hyaluronic acid ingredient. Our skin maintains the most moist and beautiful state when it has 70% of water and 30% of oil.   But as we become adults, various environmental causes and stress break the skin balance hence creating skin trouble.  Using all different types of skin care products don't give you the solution leaving your skin sensitive.  Your skins will more likely to be aging sooner because of those factors.  All the problematic skin types lack in moisture.  If you can't supply enough moisture to your skin, you can't get whitening or anti-wrinkle effect as before.
  • Power Elasticity (3) We put Adenosine ingredient that is effective for deep wrinkles TWICE times more. Adenosine is actively effective in anti-wrinkle effects which include cell growth, cell differentiation or homeostasis.  It triggers the collagen synthesis inside the thick skin layer to recover the elasticity and to relieve wrinkles of the skin.  It is safe ingredient which is good for both day and night and the elasticity to last longer period of time.  It also help the cell keeping its ability to grow naturally for maintaining skin elasticity and health.
**Piece of Advice from the Director of Research "Don't get confused!" True moisturizing is keeping the moisture from the thick skin! Feeling moist can only comfort the surface of the skin which is a result of well mixed water and oil using surfactant.  To give flexibility to the skin, the skin care developers usually add oil to the product.  Since oil does not get mixed well with water, they use the surfactant to get the oil and water mixed well.  However, surfactant is well known for skin trouble maker.  Ionized water (OH-) has low surface tension so without using the surfactant, the oil can be mixed well.  It makes the sebum of skin melt well to keep the skin clean.  Nutritious ingredients will get through the cell wall easily as well. Characteristics for product: Realizing 3 removals
  • No antiseptic: excluding antiseptic to prevent skin trouble (Preventing deterioration of product by our special technique)
  • No color: to prevent skin troubles caused by tar colors.
  • No odor: No aroma which is known to be a stimulating substance.
This product is recommended for people with following questions or problems!
  • - I want to try dermatologist treatments but i am afraid of the side effects.
  • - My skin lost its elasticity.
  • - I have lots of dead skin cells so i do not look good when i wear make up.
  • - I have a really dry skin with troubles.
  • - I have a real sensitive skin so i do not want to use just regular products for my skin.
[How to use]
  1. Remove water after washing face.
  2. Spread the product softly on the entire face.
  3. Get the product absorbed into the skin by lightly dabbing using your hands or fingers.
  4. When applying the product to the neck area, apply it from bottom to top.
  5. If you have a really dry skin or it is during winter time, finish your skin care routine with moisture cream or lotion

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