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9.Complex Guerisson Moisturizing Scar Cream (Horse Oil from Germany)

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 [ Main Features ] 

  • Main features: Scar reduction , Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Remove freckles, Moisturizing, Nourishing, Healing skin, Stretch Marks Reduced.
  • Mainified ability to protect and keep moist by filing skin with pure ceramide and german horse oil, at the same time whitens your skin.
  • Cream can fade scars, soften and heal the skin, increase cell metabolism and anti-wrinkle friendly.
  • Cream can also heal acne, treat hair loss and heal haemorrhoids! 
  • It refers to a skin-recovery cream and marks erasing (stretch marks reducion) of your skin. Maintain moisture level for up to 72 hrs.
  • Suitable for all skin types at all ages. (even babies)

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[ Horse Oil? ]
  • 9.Complex Guerisson cream contains horse oil helping improve damaged skin with a healing effect.
  • There's absolutely no horse hormed on making this beauty product! Oil comes from exterior parts of the horse (hair, etc)
  • Guerission 9 Complex Horse Oil is 100% extracted from the fat of horse from Germany and made in Korea. (no horse were harmed)
  • The oil comes from under the mane (their hair) and on other exterior parts of the horse. 
[ Ingredient ] Mainly contains Niacinamide, adenosine, peppermint leaf extracts, Apple Mint leaf extracts, Sage Extract, Rosemary leaf extracts
  • Vitamin E rich cream utilizes horse oil, a highly soluble and conditioning ingredient free from steroids and preservatives,to replenish lost moisture and then lock it in for an immediate hydrating effect.
  • Antioxidant rich cream is mild enough to use even on the most delicate of skins, reinforcing skin's natural protective layer for prolonged comfort with enhanced suppleness and vibrancy.
  • Horse oil contains oleic acid and α-linolenic acid which is similar in composition to human subcutaneous fat, allowing the product to be easier absorbed.
  • Cream contains a natural scant that is everyone's favorite
[ A cream is even suitable for babies? ]
  • The natural formula suits even babies, Horse fat used is free from steroids, preservatives or flavorings. 
  • This provides the most suitable care to sensitive skin, which helps in dry skin problem 
  • Why not provide a protective layer to your skin? Guerison 9 complex cream consists of vitamin E, Vitamin E is fat-soluble vitamin in that acts as an anti-oxidant in your body. 
  • It also helps to relieve wrinkles 
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[ How to use ] Apply the cream sparingy to your face and neck after essence and on the last step of your skin care routine

[ Other Ingredients ] Horse oil (from Germany), ceramide, nicotinamide, adenosine, peppermint leaf extract, apple mint leaf extract, sage extract, rosemary extract, lavender extract, rose extract, lemon balm leaf extract, chamomile leaf extract, bergamot leaf extract.

[ Size ] 70g . 2.36 oz

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* You can also request to include the box which is around 200-250 grams with packing * 

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