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9.Complex Guerisson Horse Oil Hydrogel Gold Mask *exp.date 12/18

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Luxury Gold Theraphy Horse Oil Hydrogel Gold Mask Contains 24k GOLD & Horse Oil Essence.

9.Complex Guerisson Horse Oil Hydrogel 24K Gold Mask is made by German horse oil essence and with 24K gold. It could improve skin allergies, dark spots, freckles, acne, scars and other issues, also with 72 hours moisturizing power.

  • Hydrogel type sheet is refreshing and provides soft texture without sticky sensation.
  • Hydrogel Mask is good for all skin types
  • This is a Luxury gold therapy mask
  • Mask comes with non-sticky, fresh, and moist texture
  • This mask can provides moisture and nutrition to dry and rough skin and keeps the skin moist all the time
  • Hydrogel type of mask sheet provides nutrition intensively

[ Ingredients ]

  • Main ingredients includes German horse oil and 24k gold
  • Main ingredient German horse fat supplies moisture to skin and helps maintain skin hydrated to keep skin soft.
  • Effective ingredients in witch hazel extract and portulaca oleracea extract help provides astringent.
  • Mask can deliver the healthy nutrients of gold to deep inside of the skin
  • Ingreidnet beta-glucan improves skin damages and moisturizes skin at the same time
  • There are also effected ingredients in witch hazel extract and portulaca oleracea extract help provide astringent

[ Horse Oil? ]

  • Guerisson 9 complex cream contains horse oil helping improve damaged skin with a healing effect.
  • There's absolutely no horse hormed on making this beauty product! Oil comes from exterior parts of the horse (hair, etc)
  • Guerission 9 Complex Horse Oil is 100% extracted from the fat of horse from Germany and made in Korea. (no horse were harmed)
  • The oil comes from under the mane (their hair) and on other exterior parts of the horse. 

[ Size ] 0.881 oz. / 25g

[ How to Use ]

  1. Tone skin after facial cleansing
  2. Open pouch and separate the clear protective film from the patch, divided into two parts - upper and lower.
  3. Center the upper patch around the eyes and the lower patch around the mouth. Attach gently and remove the wite film
  4. After 20-40 minutes, remove the mask and pat any remaining contents gently for absorption.

Questions & Answers

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  • Are you sure no horses were harmed to make this product. Horse oil usually comes from the fat of dead horses?

    Hi, yes the information is officially provided by the manufacturer from Korea to state that no horses were harmed to make this product. 

  • After using guerrisson face mask are we suppose to wash out our face?

    Hi,  usually Korean sheet mask factories do not suggest user to wash off essense or serum after facial mask, but it is definately optional for user to keep essense on the face for the night or wash it off immediately.  Since everyone has differenet skin types and reacts differently to different types of mask; our suggestion si that you can try to leave it on and if you feel uncomfortable or sticky, you can wash it off. 

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