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9.Complex Cloud 9 Whitening Cream

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  • Main Function: Whitening and Wrinkle free, effective whitening anti-wrinkle, improve skin luster.
  • Magic Whitening cream for reducing redness, freckles and even out the dull skin tone.
  • Skin will looks and feel as white as snow white.
  • 9.Complex Cloud 9 Whitening Cream gives instant whitening that last for a very long time.
  • The whitening effet looks very natural but it is recommended not to apply too much on the skin.
  • Cloud 9 Whitening Cream is a double functioned product for Anti-aging (Anti-wrinkle) and whitening. 
  • The plant extracts are proved to inhibit the production of flawless effectively. 
  • Cloud 9 Whitening Cream improves the brightness of skin by reducing the effect of red spots made by ultraviolet light. 
  • FROM Freckles, Dull Skin (hyper-pigmentation) TO Glowing Skin (without hyperpigmentation)

[ Texture of Products ] 

It is not a greasy cream which absorbed quickly onto your skin, it is light as cloud-like and soft in texture. Texture feels like pure plain yogurt.

[ 5 Main Efficacy ]

  1. Clinical test completed
  2. Helping reduce melanin
  3. Maintaining skin brightness for 12 hours
  4. Reducing redness by UV rays
  5. Improving skin brightness temporarily

[ How to use ]

  1. Take an appropriate amount from the container. 
  2. Warm the cream a little bit by using the palm to rub the cream to activate the natural ingredients for better skin absorption. * Pat the cream on the cheek bone, then on the chin and forehead. 
  3. Slightly push from the cheeks and facilitate the absorption by skin through pressing.

[ Size ] 50ml

[ Ingredient ]
Purified water, titanium dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, Butylene Glycol, cyclohexadiene siloxane, arbutin, dipropylene glycol, sodium acrylate / sodium acryloyl ildi methyl taurate copolymers, iso-hexadecane, caprylic rilgeul glycol, phenoxyethanol, aluminum hydroxide, disodium stearyl sulfosuccinic Sinai mate, glyceryl rilka frill rate, Hyde federated silica, polysorbate 80, aloe vera ipsu, spices, adenosine, Mulberry Root extract, Madonna lily flower extract, lotus extract, snow lotus extract, Houttuynia cordata extract, freesia flower extract, daisy flower extract, edelweiss flower extract, ginseng extract

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