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Skin18 Quiz and Game

What is skin18 Quiz & Game?
Skin18 creates many quizzes and games for user to play.
  • By taking quizzes or playing games, you can gain more knowledge for skin caring.  For example, know more to find out what is skin care routine.
  • Play games for entertainment to learn words for skin care market at the same time - challenge Word Search or Hang Man with limited time.
  • Enter special giveaways, after game played, remember to fill out the form by inserting your name and email address to enter our monthly giveaway, we need your email in order to contact you if you are selected to be a winner!!
Everything you play here is related to skin care knowledge and this is the place for you to play and learn at the same time - more and more games will be coming up soon, enjoy and good luck for getting your free products from skin18 soon!  **Start playing by scrolling down this page

    Word Search (C) Skincare Routine Process

    Scenario (C) What level of skincare routine are you? 

    HangMan (C) Anti-Aging Secret Project Serum - play game and enter giveaway!

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