How do I return an item to

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return any unopened and unused items to us within 14 days of receipt. All packaging and/or cellophane wrapping and tamper resistant seals must be intact; otherwise the item will be considered unfit for re-sale and will not be accepted by our returns department.  All refund cases after 30 days of purchase will not be considered.

Charge for any refund orders 

Please note that skin18 will always refund with a 10% service charge due to digital transaction fee from credit card companies / bank.  Please reconsider before your refund.  However, if the transaction is under US$5, a 50% service charge is required.

Package Lost Claim

The claim only apply to package there were not received within 6 weeks counting from the delivery dates. It is necessary for you to fill out the Lost Package Declaration Form and sign it for us before you get your refund.  Skin18 had changed our shipping policy on Aug 2015 that all package will be sending with a tracking number which will reduce lost of package cases.  However, customer can feel free to place an insurance while placing your order to secure the package and claim the lost when package is lost.

Incomplete or Insufficient address Issue

Please make sure shipping address is typed-in correctly - check it TWICE.  If package is returned to the Skin18 (sender) because of an incomplete or insufficient address, Skin18 will NOT be responsible on any return / refund / resend.  Please understand as Skin18 needs to pay additional shipping fee in order to get back the package, the only solution is to place order and repay again.  If there are chances where Skin18 can get back package without having to pay for any additional postage fees, we can resend package but customer has to pay for the "second" time shipping fee.

Custom Inspection or Tax Issue

  • Situation with [ Pending Customs Inspection ]  or [ Tax Payment ] is possible for shipping, most possible countries includes but not limited to Singapore, Philippine, India, Indonesia Philippine, Pakistan, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc.
  • Skin18 has absolutely NO control over [ Customs ] nor [ Tax ] situation but we can always try to chase the status for you. 
  • Please note that customer is responsible for all [ custom inspection charges ] or [ tax charges ] on your country and Skin18 has no responsible on custom inspection fee.
  • Skin18 pay no responsibility for returning package due to a country's policy that involves [ custom inspection ] and no refund / return will be allowed in this case.
  • [ Custom Inspection ] and [ Tax Payment ] are vary and necessary for some countries and it is a randomly inspect process from countries' government.
  • Refund is not allowed in this case if a customer deny to pay tax and want to claim a refund.
  • In this unhappy situation, Skin18 will try our best to help along the way.

Expiration Date Issue

If a customer is not happy about how expiration dated is too close to the current date, please read this section carefully.  Skin18 policy is to send out product at least 2 months before the expiration date, this means if you receive a product that is expiring in less than 2 months then Skin18 will be responsible for the refund.  If you receive a product is around or close to 2 months expiration, then Skin18 will treat this as a "customer request refund" case.

If you had placed an order and wanted to cancel before Skin18 process the order?

Skin18 can process your refund on immediate action but there will be a 10% service charge, this is a charge from payment gateway and not skin18.

To ensure we process your return and refund as quickly as possible, please follow the procedure below: 

Please e-mail us via the contact via email at to notify us of your intent to return. Your e-mail should contain your order number and a full explanation of your reason for returning the goods. We will then e-mail you with a Returns Authorisation Confirmation with postage address.

  • Goods must be in their original packaging with any seals intact and in an unused and re-saleable condition.
  • Re-package the parcel using strong packaging and ensure it is sealed securely to avoid damage during transit. Please enclose your dispatch note/receipt within the parcel.• Request a proof of postage ( will not be liable for lost returns).

Any underpaid returns may not be delivered to us and therefore will not be processed.

If the package got returned to Skin18 by your local post office, resenting solutions as follow:

  1. Customer will bear 100% of extra postage if tracking stated that customer did not go to collect package, not willing to pay for tax, not willing to pay for custom duty from local post office with local policy. 
  2. Both skin18 and customer will share the extra postage only on cases when proven that customer is innocent on getting package with local post office with official letter prove from the post office.
  3. Skin18 will bear the extra postage only with legal prove that there were address printing error or there was skin18's fault.

Please note, SKIN18 will only reimburse the cost of the products and not any return postage or original shipping fees (if charged).