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Freebies - Ben & Sera ATO-K AtoPic Project Serum (for Sensitive Skin) (Sample Pack)

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Freebies Rules: 1 pcs per order ONLY !! Absolutely FREE!

You can get this for FREE by paying shipping & handling fee only, no minimum purchasing amount.  Put this on cart and check out.

Main Features
  • Introducing the only one product that is for all skin types with trouble needs.
  • Relax sensitive skin and soothe skin softly
  • Product was made for all-in-one solution for troubled skin such as sensitive skin, atopy skin, itchy skin, pimple face when season changes, acnes.
  • Core Ingredients – Green Tea, Centella, Licorice, Camomile, Korean Knotweed, Rosemary, Skullcap
  • Four Nos – No preservatives, No coloring, No scent, No surfactant

Q: Customer who have sensitive skin – “Please give me recommendations of basic skin care products (toner/lotion/essence/cream) for sensitive skin~” please also recommend me pore primer and BB cream as well~”

A: Ben & Sera ATO-K answers – “Why do you apply layers and layers of products when you have a sensitive skin?  If you want a healthy skin, eliminate the numbers of product you are applying to your skin immediately.  The main point is improving the strength of the skin itself!!!  The answer is simple – let your skin have its own strength using hypo-allergenic, ingredients that aren’t banned moisturizer.  Moisturizer with good ingredients enhances, recovers and relieves the protecting wall of the surface of the skin constantly.

Acen, atopy (skin with problems) is due to an immune system breakdown

Skin with trouble -> hospital, acupuncture and herbal clinic, alternative medicine -> Steroid side effects, waste of time and money, mental stress -> Recurrence of the trouble, worse results -> Try to find alternatives, give up on cure -> Let your skin have its own strength using smart ingredients!

Core Ingredients for ATO-K

  • Skin irritation relief and cure ingredients
    • Anti-infection ingredient and immune system support ingredient helps moisturizing and relieves skin irritation.
    • Complex Vegetable Prescription
      1. Green Tea – Moisturizing, anti-oxidant, skin converge, pore tightening, whitening
      2. Centelia – Anti-bacteria, antipsoriatic, wound curing
      3. Licorice – Anti-infection, anti-bacteria, anti-oxidant, suppress melanin creation
      4. Camomile – Moisturizing, itchiness, effective for extremely dry adult atopy skin, acne and skin infection
      5. Korean knotweed – skin converge, suppress melanin creation, anti-bacteria, anti-oxidant
      6. Rosemary – Effective for acne, oily skin, tightening and relieving pore
      7. Skullcap – Moisturizing, effective for oily skin, skin trouble relief
  • Safe Pisum Sativum (pea) stem cell ingredients
    • It is not the typical thermal spring water or vegetable extract moisturizer that is JUST mild to acne or atopy skin. Our product improves skin elasticity with the help of cell revitalizer
  • Vitamin E + hyaluronic acid = Ultimate moisturizing
    • Hyaluronic acid can keep moisture 600 times more of its own weight
    • Vitamin E + hyaluronic acid = Ultimate moisturizing


  • No Preservatives – Organic natural cosmetic products are not free of bacteria. Ben  & Sera self-developed the technology and our product is free of preservatives but the ingredients do not go bad.
  • No Coloring – Tar coloring is used for tinting and due to the sticky nature of it, it causes skin troubles even with tiny amount used. Ben & Sera does not use tiny bit of coloring at all.
  • No Scent – Cosmetic products’ perfume or scent gives irritation whether it is natural or synthetic. It gives your skin trouble and allergy at all times.  It can be the main cause of skin aging and damage if used continuously.  Ben & Sera does not use any kind of perfume or scent in our products.
  • No Surfactant - Cosmetic products’ perfume or scent gives irritation whether it is natural or synthetic. It gives your skin trouble and allergy at all times.  It can be the main cause of skin aging and damage if used continuously.  Ben & Sera does not use any kind of perfume or scent in our products.

How to Use

  1. Dry out water after washing face
  2. Spread the product softly on the entire face
  3. Get the product absorbed into the skin by lightly dabbing using your hands
  4. When applying the product to the neck area, do so from bottom to top
  5. If you have a really dry skin or during winter time, finish your skin care routine with moisture cream or lotion

* If you wish to use our product with the products you already have, the following routine is recommended: Toner-> Ben&Sera (after being totally absorbed) -> Lotion or Cream

* For skin with acne: For tiny pimples and such troublesome area, rub it with the product for 1 to 3 minutes as if you are massing.  The dead skin cells will naturally come off and your skin will get better.  We recommend you to re-apply the product after washing face and after massaging.


More Q&A

Q1. It says no coloring, but the cream is in brown color and not transparent?

A1.  There is no coloring added, some ingredients have natural brown color and this is why

Q2. Can I use Ben & Sera’s ATO-K with other products?

A2.  Collagen condensation because of stem cell might give you slight tightening feel on your skin.  You can use lotion or cream when you feel the tightness happening to your face.  (There is no irritation at all)

A2.  When you are using ATO-K with other Ben & Sera products, just apply ATO-K to the area that has skin problem.  Get it all absorbed into the skin and then start applying other Ben & Sera products.

Q3. I see the dead skin cells coming out and I feel tightness on my skin, is it ok?

A3.  No worries, old cell coming off your skin is a good sign and you will see less and less dead skin cell after using 3 to 4 days.  Also there is an ingredient that extracts the bodily waste, you might feel your skin is a little tight.  If you have a really dry skin, finish it with a lotion or cream of your choice.

Q4. One can get red in the face or can get pimples on the face?

A4. Human skin sometimes reacts to new ingredients differently.  Since our product never contains harmful ingredients, this kind of skin trouble will be disappearing after 2 to 3 days.

Q5. One’s skin ca keep peeling?

A5. If one apply our product on skin, this kind of skin trouble can be happened.  Since our essence promotes the skin cell reproduction.  It will promote the skin circulation, and dead skin cells will be disappearing and removed after a few days.

Recommended for people with following problems:

  • I have a very very sensitive skin.
  • I have atopy skin.
  • I feel itchy and pimples come out as each season changes.
  • I do not want to use acne treatment medicine that is made with steroid again.
  • I am no longer interested in “moisturizing effect only” products.

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