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FORENCOS Midas Gold Regenerating Silk Mask [4th day : Friday]

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Greek mythology (Goddess) MIDAS: God of Gold
  • Friday 4th stage gold regenerating silk mask contains nutrition from nano 24K gold.
  • A wrinkle improvement intensive care mask. It has nano gold and 7 peptide ingredients, helps to activate skin and prevent wrinkles.
  • Full of gold and peptide! 
  • 24k pure gold has ingredient that helps to improve wrinkles and promote blood circulation
  • Also includes gold nutrition as much as 25ml bottle of ampoule.
  • Excluding 7 kinds of harmful ingredients.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin users.
  • Functions: Skin activation + flexibility + wrinkle improvement intensive care
[ Why gold? ]
  • Effective ingredient to improve skin and wrinkle. 
  • Gold has been used every day as a skin care and basics of anti-aging since ancient Egypt times, and Cleopatra who is considered as symbol of beauty is also known that she used gold mask every day to maintain her beauty.
  • Above contents refer to the characteristic of raw-material.
  • Gold regenerationg / noble flexibility, golden shine
  • When the gold regenerating mask motivated by Midas, the king who changes everything he touches to gold reaches to skin, it will promote blood circulation and activate from the bottom of the skin then helps wrinkle and skin improvement.

[ About FORENCOS Selene Project Silk Masks Series ]

  • FORENCOS 7 days skin care project with amazing effect in 7 days.
  • Sheet mask are made with silk with a special soft silky touch.
  • Wrinkle improvement functional mask pack certified by Food & Drug Administration (KFDA)
  • Authentication certificate in multi-functional intensive care program -- Whitening + wrinkle improvement 
  • Skin care project starts on Tuesday - an intensive mask pamper for a week.
  • Each sheet mask pack comes with an extra plant essences (Mask Base VITA Ampoule), which will double up the effectiviness of the mask.
  • Effect goes up with double synergy ampoule! 
  • Using the concept of the day of the week by the Greek mythology (Godness), adding the myth story to each day's pack.
  • 7 FREE - safe for sensitive skin. No addition of (formaldehyde, fluorescent brighteners) 
  • 7 kinds of harmful ingredients are excluded - No paraben, artificial pigment, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, mineral oil, sulphate
  • 7day intensive care program for a baby soft skin 

[ Silk Mask ]

  • Skin can breath easier because natural silk does not block pore, the skin can absorb the nutrition better.
  • Moisture texture natural silk sheet that made with natural cocoon silk.
  • Silk Mask basically function better and it can hold the moisture power up more.

[ Skin Care Project Treatments ]

  • [Tuesday] Clearing Dead skin with a detox touch
  • [Wednesday & Thursday] Moisturizing layers of skin
  • [Friday & Saturday] Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging caring
  • [Sunday & Monday ] Skin tone adjustment & Overall healing 

[ Ingredients Overview ]

  • Volcanic ash detox / waste, pore clean care
  • Caviar moisture / moisturizing coating, moisture intensive care
  • Tea tree relax / Trouble & skin relaxing
  • Gold regenerating / skin activation, wrinkle improvement care
  • Horse oil elastic / vitality & flexibility of skin care
  • Black pearl illuminating / skin tone up, brightening intensive care
  • Swallow’s nest total care / moisture + wrinkle + flexibility total care
  • Double synergy vita ampoule

[ Size ] (Apoule) 2ml/pack (Silk Mask) 30ml/sheet

[ How to use ]

  1. Clean the face
  2. Apply Mask Base VITA Ampoule onto the face.
  3. Apply the Silk Mask onto the face.
  4. Remove mask after 20 minutes
  5. Pat excess amount of essence for absorption. 

* Prepare the face with Mask Base vita Ampoule before using the mask pack.

[ Ingredients ] 

  • Contains 24k pure gold to treat wrinkles and helps blood circulation while delivering minerals.
  • Nano 24K pure gold - helps to improve wrinkle and promote blood circulation, induces mineral in order to activate the skin.
  • 7 kinds of peptide - Wrinkle improvement, Wrinkle prevention
  • Adenosine - Wrinkle improvement function is certified by Food & Drug Administration
  • Mixture of 24k nano gold and peptide five bouncy tension to skin and improve skin to become noble and glorious as gold

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