The Legendary Brand Story of SKINFOOD – A Korean brand

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The Legendary Brand Story of SKINFOOD – A Korean brand

The Legendary Brand Story of SKINFOOD – A Korean brand

Korean cosmetic industry is popular across the world for its unique beauty and skincare products. These companies use natural ingredients found in various places of the country. These natural substances are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins. They also have several medicinal and beauty benefits.

SKINFOOD is the first cosmetic company that developed cosmetic and skincare products from food. According to them, the nutrients in food help in getting a healthy and glowing skin. Excellent quality food and beauty products must be a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

SKINFOOD , as the name indicates, works on the following tagline:

“You are what you eat.”

Hence, according to their researchers, skin should be fed with natural foodstuffs and substances.

The nutrition contained in foodstuffs have the capabilities to get a radiant and beautiful skin. The research and development team at SKINFOOD is constantly in look of natural ingredients to develop beauty, skincare and cosmetic products.

In order to have a healthy body, do we eat chemicals and animal products? Obviously, no. On the same parlance, our skin is also a component of our body. It can feel, it can breathe and it can sense things. Hence, skin is known as sensory organ.

The mechanism employed by SKINFOOD are eco-friendly and sustainable. They contact farmers across the country to know in detail about the crops and plants cultivated by them and respective medicinal purpose. They are not complacent with their research methods. Hence, the research and development activities are carried on continuously.

Though a lot of time is consumed in research and production, SKINFOOD thinks that it is the perfect way to deliver the best quality products to their customers. They intend to deliver eternal beauty and not short-term outcomes.

Their beauty, skincare and cosmetic products include nourishing components such as vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Each nourishing component aims in sufficient care to the skin of the people. Thus, it is the one-stop solution in Korea for all beauty and skin related concerns. In case you have acne, or scars or blemishes or sensitive skin, then SKINFOOD has the ultimate food based beauty solutions for you.

The range of products offered by SKINFOOD is wide. It is inclusive of face masks, packs, cleansing foams, toners, serums, etc. as per different skin types and requirements of their customers. Their products are customized for the specifications of men and women. Obviously, men’s beauty needs. They also provide products for hair care and makeup. Moreover, hair and makeup products are not composed of dangerous chemical but natural ingredients.

The various natural ingredients found in SKINFOOD beauty products are avocado, black sugar, royal honey, tomato, cucumber, volcano ash, Jeju Island’s green tea, pomegranates, yoghurt, mango extracts, grape extract, etc. The list of natural foods is endless.

SKINFOOD is in the rapid stage of expansion of their products across the world. Founded in 1957, it is spreading its food based beauty solutions to all the people across the globe. The headquarters of SKINFOOD is located in Seoul, South Korea.

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