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Korean Skin care Brand's review - Its Skin

Korean Skin care Brand's review - Its Skin

Korean Skin care Brand's review - Its Skin 

This Korean brand of beauty products has been developed exclusively for women. The range of products from this company includes products that perform internally as well as externally. The company also recommends the products based on different skin types so that it is easy to identify which of its products would give the best results for different types of skin.

For example, Its Skin  has a range of products where collagen is the major component. There is a toner, emulsifier, cream, serum and even an eye cream in this product line. The target market for such products is a customer who has problems with rough and dry skin, and has skin that seems to be losing its softness.

Apart from such lotions, and creams, the company offers lip balms, masks, foams, serums, and a range of Power 10 formulations, with different effectors. There are, at present, more than 10 such Power 10 formulations. These differ in their contents and are identified with colors as well as identification of effectors. Therefore, the Power 10 formulation which contains extracts from yeasts and psuedoalteromonas ferments is identified as YE Effector.

Other ingredients found in such formulations include GF-Biopolymer, NMF Spare, Vitamin E derivative, adenosine, caviar extract, and extract from golden bough. There is also collagen extract from vegetable, arbutin, Chamomile extract, extract from mulberry root, Arbutin, co-enzyme Q10, extract from omija sumac, extract from Hwang-back, extract from Houttuynia cordata, Polyglutamic acid, etc.

Many of these are good for moisturizing the skin, whereas some offer gloss and suppleness and other extracts and compounds revitalize the skin by providing the required nutrients, or anti wrinkle properties. Almost all such compounds are obtained from natural sources, and therefore, these drop formulations do not harm sensitive skins.


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