Korean skin care Brand's review - Grinif

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Korean skin care Brand's review - Grinif


Grinif is one of the best known skin care products company in Korea. The list of products from this company includes the oxygen mask, Vitamin ACE moisturizers,  Vitamin ACE Moisture Toner, Ace Moisture serum, and ACE moisture lotion. The company also has a Vitamin ACE H2O moisturizer.

Brand Story: Nature's marvelous power and energy give the best results when a thing exists naturally or when you keep a thing fresh. Grinif is created to keep your skin healthy and clean by suiting almost skin types and ages through the combination of natural ingredients and modern science.

Grinif claims that these products are natural, i.e., all the ingredients used to make these products are naturally available substances.

The Oxygen mask has been named O2 Bubble, which is a mask plus cleanser. The product is designed for sensitive skins. It is free from hazardous substances such as parabens, artificial colors, animal oils, mineral oils, and triethanolamine. The product creates a bubbly lather and the skin does feel cleansed after using it. It is suitable for removing makeup.

The moisturizers have Vitamin A, C, and E. These are available in pump bottles. The Toner includes Betaine, Tacopheryl, Fruit oil and extract, and Retinyl palmitate. It also includes alcohol and triethanolamine, which is just PH balanced.  The toner is sticky but it locks the moisture to the skin, and also evens out the skin tone.  The lotion and the H2O cream are also rather sticky but effective enough as an anti-wrinkle treatment. The list of ingredients, however, includes adenosine.

But there are many natural extracts included in these products from Grinif such as Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Rice bran wax, citrus fruit extract, etc., some of which have never been used in skin care products in the west until recently. The products are not exactly targeted at any gender, so they may be used by either gender. The packaging is simple, though there are no details inside on how to use the products, and when to use the product. Grinif has also priced the products reasonably. Most of these products are suitable for people with sensitive skins.


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