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Korean skin care trends in India

Korean skin care trends in India

Korean skin care trends in India

Korean skin care methods are fast becoming popular in the West, particularly the US. The Indian cosmetics industry has also been open to the ideas from this South Asian nation. Indians tend to absorb such things from the US not realizing that such methods and treatments are available closer to home. 

Korean women do seem to have skin that does not seem to age as fast and therefore, their skin care deserves attention. The world became aware of Korean skin care methods such as BB creams and BB + creams. These have arrived in India as well. Indian companies like Ponds began manufacturing these creams recently, and therefore, Indian women are now using Korean skin care techniques.

Sheet Masks are popular nowadays

Sheet masks are another contribution of Korean skin care businesses to the Indian beauty industry as are some of the traditional concoctions that were not known in India. Many high end beauty parlors are now offering such treatments, which can also be done at home. People are now able to buy many of these Korean skin care products from online sellers too. They can also read reviews about them as many users like to share their experiences online. Since these are affordable, when compared to costlier alternatives, many Indians are opting for such skin treatments, especially treatments that are anti-aging and anti-wrinkling. 

The skin care industry in the country seems poised for a bright future because more people are getting information about skin care and caring more about the way they look. Since going to beauty parlors may be a bit expensive for some, buying facial sheet masks is cheaper. Many Indians may take to this method of facials even more in the near future.

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