What is Korea Food & Drug Administration (KDFA) Standard for skin care?

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What is Korea Food & Drug Administration (KDFA) Standard for skin care?

What is Korea Food & Drug Administration (KDFA) Standard for skin care?

KFDA cares for your skin

KFDA stands for Korea Food & Drug Administration. This administration is responsible for securing the highest levels of public health by ensuring food and drug safety. This happens through a strategy of preventing and managing food and drug related risks in advance, in addition to fast response to such risks. As cosmetics and skin care products are very popular products and have direct contact to human body in Korea KFDA regulates the process of manufacturing, importing and selling these products.

What are skin care products?

Cosmetics and skin care products are goods used for the human body in order to increase attractiveness by cleaning and beautifying the human body, brightening appearance, maintaining or improving the health of skin. All Products that are providing aid in the whitening of the skin or improving wrinkle lines in the skin or tanning skin gently or protecting skin from ultraviolet rays are called functional cosmetics. So sunscreens, foundations and air cushion creams are examples of functional cosmetics. They must be evaluated by the KFDA before they are allowed in Korea. In order to make sure of the safety of skin care products the KCPA conducts Quality testing. They are evaluated based on the efficacy of their individual ingredients rather than the finished product as a whole. KFDA also examines cosmetics containing ingredients introduced to the Republic of Korea for the first time to check on standards and safety of such ingredients, before manufacturing or importing such cosmetics.

Standards of accepted products

KFDA doesn’t allow the manufacturing, importing or selling of cosmetics which have rotten, partly or wholly deteriorated and contaminated substances. Also it prohibits the sale or import of products that have been manufactured under unsanitary conditions. If Cosmetics are mixed with foreign substances, they won’t be allowed by KFDA. In case of containing ingredients which are banned from use in cosmetics, the product won’t to available in the market. If cosmetics contain high concentration of tar colors or raw materials in excess of the maximum allowable mixing level, they will be banned from use. KFDA won’t tolerate with skin care products which contain the horns of rhinoceros, bones of tigers or their extracts. If you are producing cosmetics you should make sure of using safe containers and packaging to prevent toxic positioning or any form of harm to health.

Cheating doesn’t go unpunished

KFDA can take action against a cosmetic on the market if it has reliable information showing that it is adulterated or misbranded. KFDA takes action within legal authority, based on public health priorities and available resources.




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