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A talk about the trend of Korean Skin care

A talk about the trend of Korean Skin care

A talk about the trend of Korean Skin care

Ever since the world discovered the effectiveness of the BB cream, the Korean skin care industry has been under scrutiny. Indeed, Korean women seem to have age defying skin, which is radiant and free from any blemishes. The secrets are out. There are many unconventional but special ingredients that are used for skin care by Koreans. The list may shock many but the effectiveness is what counts ultimately. Beauty sells, and people are able to overlook some of the things that would be unpleasant for them for that beautiful look.

Many of the ingredients in the skin care products from Korea have extracts from plants such as Aloe Vera, Olive, RoseTomato, Vita etc . But unusual extracts such as those from Bamboo, Red WineCollagen, SnailMilkSyn-akePearl, Gold, etc are also used in some of these skin care products. Likewise, this skin care industry has used different fruits like Berries, Pomegranate, Lemon, Kiwi,  for skin care.

In so far as animals are concerned, Korean skin care might create a feeling of repulsion. Nevertheless, they do use facial mask sheets that contain Snail’s secretions, Horse Oil, and Pig Collagen. Because these special ingredients can be repulsive the extracts are sold as facial mask sheets.

Regardless of these unusual ingredients the results are considerably superior when compared to conventional methods of skin care. Most of the ingredients used in such facial mask sheets are also natural. Therefore, there are no adverse side effects either. Mask sheets are now a popular way of doing facials simply because they are portable and faster too because not much time is wasted in either preparing the mask or cleaning it up afterwards. That is another thing the beauty industry can thank Koreans for.

Facial mask sheets also come in different innovative ways includes 2 steps, 3 steps; or with different materials such as cotton, hydropgel, cellulose.  Facial mask sheet also comes with different creative pattern such as animal, currency, 

Some of the popular Korean skin care masks include Mediheal Placenta Revital Essentail Mask, Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack, Nature Republic Facial Sheet mask, SNP Animal Patterned Masks, Tony Moly I'm Real Face Mask Sheet and more.


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