Korean Skin care Brand's review - Ben & Sera

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Korean Skin care Brand's review - Ben & Sera

Korean Skin care Brand's review - Ben & Sera

Korean Skin care Brand's review - Ben & Sera

The real quality of any beauty brand is measured by its creams for hydrating and anti-aging. For women with dry skin, there is often no other solution than medical creams with corticosteroids and for these women, quality products for hydration and against aging are the most important products in the world. This is exactly where Ben & Sera excels. Their anti-age and hydrating products are the best in the world.

Skin hydration is achieved with rich, nourishing creams, especially in the evening. Ben & Sera creams are pleasant for face and will quickly and effortlessly nourish skin, leaving it looking fresh and healthy.

Besides nourishment, they also have hydrating creams and serums that are excellent for daily usage, under the make up. Although by now you have probably discovered that it is quite a task to find daily cream that is nourishing enough, that will prevent dryness of skin on cheeks and will not leave oily film on a T-zone and that will absorb for hours before you can start with make up application.
With Ben & Sera daily creams and serums there are several options to choose from, so we will say few worlds about them.

Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-Aging Coating Cream can be bough on www.skin18.com for the great price of $43. When buying online, you can also order other products by this brand and achieve some discount. Excellent addition to this cream will be 30 days Anti-Aging Project Serum, that is a lighter option for skin hydration and battle against the wrinkles.

Cream comes in a practical plastic tube, covered by protective foil. This package is excellent for cream protection because you can press out just the right amount for one application.

Cream is beautifully lush and creamy. It is easy applicable and contains nutritive ingredients such as safflower oil that is rich in linoleic acid, one of two essential fat acids. Most important, cream doesn't contain dangerous parabens, paraffin nor silicones. It has mild and pleasant scent that will provide added pleasure to product application.

You will be thrilled by swift absorption and comfortable feeling on the face after application. There is no oily film, skin is fresh, smooth and healthy-looking.

With this perfect cream, your skin will be ultimately hydrated, while at the same time successfully fighting aging-just as with others anti-aging products by this amazing brand.

When you use one of their creams, you will quickly notice that your dry skin is instantly returning back to normal, there is no unpleasant feeling of dryness. These creams are excellent for daily and night usage, they can be applied before applying make up, and actually make a perfect base for powder.
These are the best anti-aging creams with hydrating function, especially during the colder season.
Don't hesitate to try out this brand if you need anti-aging products as well as products for ultimate hydration. They will be a pure satisfaction for any skin type, because they don't leave oily residue on skin-all you get is perfect, fresh, nourished skin.

Besides cream, their serum is serum, there are serum for different purposes includes 7 days whitening, 15 days anti-wrinkle, 30 days for anti-aging+whitening and Rejuvenate Magic Serum for special care.  

All series are transparent liquid that is colorless, transparent, slightly viscous fluid.  There are three "Nos" - NO Preservative: We did not use any antiseptic substance which is the number one cause for troubled skin.  NO Color: We did not include any pigment in our products for just good looks. It is our motto to exclude even the tiniest bit of any ingredients unless we know for a fact that it’s safe.  NO Fragrance: Free of scents make our product feel light and easy on the nose.

Special last point on all serums is that they are all stem cell activator which means a shortcut to stop skin aging and the function if stem cell is:

  • Healing of wounds and scars
  • Restoration of Cells
  • Regenerating of Cells and Cell tissues
  • Maintaining a healthy looking skin and its overall condition

Stem cells are biological cells that can divide into diverse specialized cell types in a human body.   Approximately 10% of cells in a human body are stem cells.  Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organism that can divide and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cell.  However, this functions and its effect will be decreased because of aged human body.  Reactivate stem cells is a shortcut to STOP skin again and it will promote skini circulation again.  Embryonic Stem Cell – Embryonic Stem Cells cannot be commercialized due to moral issues.  Adult Stem Cell – stem cells found throughout after they’ve been divided into a human body.

Ben & Sera Rejuvenate Magic Serum (RMS) (Anti-Wrinkle / Whitening / Moisturizing)
Ben & Sera 30days Anti-aging Project Serum (Anti-Wrinkle / Whitening / Moisturizing)
Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle TaengTaeng Project Serum (Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing)
Ben & Sera 7 Days Whitening Miracle Project Serum (Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing)

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