Korean skin care trend in the India nowadays

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Korean skin care trend in the India nowadays

Korean skin care trend in the India nowadays

Korean skin care trend in the India nowadays

When it comes to skin care, especially for ladies after 30th birthday, then serums are products of their choice-and Indian ladies are no exception. Korean skin care trends in India these days cover this important line with array of first-class products that will beautify skin and help with variety of skin problems.

Thanks to the Internet and many ladies in India can get easy access to Skin Care products from around the world including those from Korea!  There are a tremendous amount of ladies living in India making a living by working as a blogger and they get famous by using skin care products, it is easy to find a few famous one in http://www.topindianblogs.com/.  To name a few bloggers with korean skin care product reviews:

There are some important points we need to suggest to the ladies in India because the traditional believes is quiet different than the "Korean Way".

Serums are skin care products that contain higher concentration of active ingredients than usual hydrating cream. Serums can be hydrating, vitamin, against wrinkles, against skin imperfections and combined. If you feel like your current skin care is insufficient, that your skin is thirsty, dehydrated, if it looks scruffy or looking grayish-it will be a good idea to add serum to your usual line of cosmetic care.

If your skin is oily and you still haven't found appropriate cream that will hydrate skin without making it even oilier, maybe you should try out one of serums.

You should apply serum in the morning or in the evening, in some cases even twice a day, on a clean and still little bit wet skin (some serums should be applied to dry skin, such as Vitamin C serum), and before applying your regular cream. Depending on your skin condition, sometimes you will not need cream.

Serums are often appropriate even for younger skin because they have this important hydrating function, which is sometimes even prevalent over anti-age element. Serums are available in bottles with a pump, which is an excellent choice because it will deliver just the right amount of product for one application. Serums in our offer generally have very light texture, because they are water based. After this water base, there is abundance of hydrating, calming and nutritive ingredients, such as sunflower oil (which is rich in essential fatty acids which help in skin regeneration and hydration), aloe vera gel, glycerin, beta-glucan (anti-allergy and regenerative quality), panthenol (provitamine B5 that promotes skin regeneration), jojoba oil, ginkgo extract...

Sea collagen in many of these creams is acquired from skin of sea fish, and will penetrate deeper layers of skin, blend in its structure and help synthesis of natural collagen in our skin that in time weakens, making small wrinkles visible.

These serums don't contain parabens, paraffin or silicones, and they will deliver ultimate hydration, as well as plump, fresh-looking skin, minimizing wrinkles and preventing creation of new ones.

Serums can also be used for hydration prior application of make up, because they are absorbed quickly without leaving oily trace. These beautiful serums will not cause comedons or acne, so they are perfect for every skin type.

If you have dry skin prone to redness, along with serum it is recommended to use regular hydrating cream. Serum alone will be great for neck skin care, leaving it smooth and silky.
Browse through large selection of available serums on the site that offer solution for different skin issues and choose the one perfect for your individual skin type and issues.

  • A brand called It's Skin Power 10 Formula has a total of 10 different types of Serum to be selected from.
  • One other strong suggested serum is from Ben & Sera, those are all colorless, transparent, slightly viscous fluid which as Improvement of facial skin with re-activating stem cell concept.


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