Japanese Skincare Vs Korean Skincare

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Japanese Skincare Vs Korean Skincare

Japanese Skincare Vs Korean Skincare

Japanese Skincare Vs Korean Skincare

The clash of the Asian beauty industry titans is quite a sight to witness, isn’t it? If we were to compare these two with their Western counterparts, then this would be a short and a quick beauty battle, where we know who’s going to win even before we begin with the comparison. However, in this particular case we’ve a tough task to tell who’s who between this Asian skin care giants with a long and proud tradition.

  • Tradition

When it comes to the tradition, we’ve to admit that is impossible to decide a winner in this category. Both countries have centuries behind them to back up their skin care industries. In addition, both Japanese and Korean women have transformed their skin care treatments into the true healing ritual, which equally treats body and soul.

  • Ingredients

In this case, we couldn’t help ourselves noticing that the advantage is on the side of Korean skin care industry for at least two reasons. The first one is that Korean skin care products by default include a much longer list of ingredients included. The second reason is even more important. Japanese skin care solutions include only up to 25% of beneficial ingredients, such as extracts, vitamins, or minerals. On the other side, Korean pay a particular attention to these extremely efficient ingredients, this means that their list includes up to 80% of these elements, compared to the Japanese.

  • Technology / Innovation

The field of applied technology and advanced innovation is a clear example of the tight race between these two. Both countries have quite a reputation of being the leading technology and innovation leaders of Asia. Yet, we have to emphasize that Korea has been able to gain a significant advantage in the field of skin care technology thanks to the breakthrough discoveries in the area of nanotechnology.

  • Prices

This category can give us a winner, with no additional investigation. The huge advantage of Korean over Japanese skin care products is their appealing affordability.

  • Packaging / Delivery

The Korean skin care beauty industry has made some impressive and tremendous improvements, when it comes to packaging and delivery. Nowadays, we can say without any exaggeration that Korean cosmetic industry has the adequate capacities to reach any point in the world in no time in terms of efficient and affordable delivery. On the other side, the eye-catching, attractive and environment-friendly packages have become an additional positive reason, when the women all over the world make their preferred skin care product choice.  For most ladies i talked to who had used Korean skincare would say - this is the cutest packing i had ever seen!  Go look around at skin18.com to find out: 



  • Mo

    This is a terrible article, it’s fine if you prefer Korean products, but there is a reason Japanese products are copied – most of the Korean products are more budget friendly copies of Japanese brands like SK-II, Koh Gen Do and Shiseido. Please do more research in the future regarding Japan’s influence on skin care industries around the world, including South Korea before attempting to compare the two because you appear to have little knowledge regarding Japan’s skin care industry.

  • Rhian

    I find the Korean skincare more of a hype than a proper international staple. Most of it’s cheap and hyped online but little to none are sold at proper department beauty sections without the company having to open a whole new store so it makes me wonder. Most of the Asian beauty skincare lovers have really no idea about jp skincare other than the old handful that bloggers post, nor are they willing to explore either. Sometimes I think the reason why Korean skincare has so many steps is cause the weak solution doesn’t penetrate much compared to the international jp brands

  • Ria

    Quite a biased and vague explanation as to why Korean skin care is better than Japanese skin care. I am not someone who is “white knighting” Japanese skin care but I beg to differ on the tradition with Japanese women already using natural products way before Korea even became what it is today – a beauty industry nation. Also, Korean products tend to lean on more ingredients, the better and Japanese tend to be less is better, beauty from within which is diet based which I totally agree. What you eat is what you become, typically. Being relient on beauty products can sometimes utterly ruin the skin.

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