Top 10 Korean skin care regime secrets

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Top 10 Korean skin care regime secrets

Top 10 Korean skin care regime secrets

Top 10 Korean skin care regime secrets

You have probably heard all kinds of things about the Korean skin care beauty products and industry. In most of the cases, you’ve faced quite a few exaggerations. However, you can rest assured that some crucial facts associated with it are absolutely true. There’s a reason, why this genuine beauty industry is taking over the world by the storm. The secret, actually ten secrets, are hidden in the special Korean skin care regime:

Secret 1: The Efficient Eye Makeup Removal

You need to make a good choice of a proper makeup remover. Why? Because, the so-called "regular“ cleanser just won’t do a nice job you’re expecting.  

Secret 2: The Cleanse After The Cleanse

Here’s a simple rule, we often tend to neglect. If you’re about to spend 15 minutes for putting a skin care product on your face, then you’re to spend at least the same amount of time required to take it off. Right?

Secret 3: The Facial Exfoliation – Your Beauty Exploration

When it comes to your doubts and questions associated with the facial exfoliators, then you should know that every Korean woman believes that less is better in this particular case. For a reason!

Secret 4: The Refreshing Refreshers

This may come as a huge surprise, but the Korean toners are actually less harsh and especially drying compared to the Western similar products. Perhaps, this is the very reason they’re referred to as the true "refreshers."

Secret 5: The Essence of The Beauty Essence

This is considered to be the most important skin care regime secret to a Korean woman. Why? Because, it affects your skin on a cellular level, which makes your most sensitive skin areas to look even smoother and brighter.

Secret 6: The Serum of The Eternal Youth - The Ampoule

Ampoules have a special place in the Korean skin care beauty regime. They’re often treated as the super-concentrated variations of essences. For the Western beauty concepts, they’re often described as serums or boosters.

Secret 7: The Miraculous Sheet Masks

What’s the catch with the sheet masks? Well, they influence your skin to absorb all the truly beneficial nutrients and moisture compared to traditional creams or serums.

Secret 8: The Eye Creams

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist nor a beauty regime guru to know what’s this product all about, do you? However, you should know a thing or two about the proper technique.

Secret 9: The Moisturizers

Every Korean woman is all about the proper layering. Again, we have to ask – why? Well, for what is worth, these extremely efficient Korean skin care products really   penetrate into every single layer of your skin.

Secret 10: The Night Creams

Here’s a simple point you need to follow unconditionally. Your skin simply has to stay hydrated overnight, as it is during a day time.

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