Korean Skin Care Formulations

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Korean Skin Care Formulations

Korean Skin Care Formulations

Korean Skin Care Formulations:

Korean culture has sprung a new trend in skin care product formulations. These innovative and effective formulations hit the market with boom. These diversified products of skin care are usually applied in a sequence for an absolute care. The skin care product preparations are a as follows:


An ampoule is a formulation that has active ingredients in higher quantity to mark a specific intention . Itis used as a supporter in skin care therapy by its boosting dose. Ampoules usually come in small bottles with dropper. They are a bit expensive. They deliver the lightest texture and have a property of prompt penetration. They are usually sold as a set of 15-30 vials. Each vial is used for unit application. They are usually applied before the essence or serum.


They are light weight with a specific texture. They has extra amount of water. Essence come in large bottles like 75ml.it is referred to heart of Korean skin care product. From your chin, pat your essence gently, starting from your chin and move upwards


They are more concentrated and thus more expensive than the essence. Serum is thicker formulation which is meant to treat some special problem. Pore lightning serum, anti-aging serum ,anti –oxidant serum is some of the kind.


Toner is gives a diluted feeling with extra water. It is used between the application of a cleanser and a moisturizer .It completely mask off the cleanser reduce by cleaning the pores in depth.


Lotion is a comparatively thick fluid, but it glides smoothly on the skin. A difference between toner lotion and cream can be understood via its thickness and texture. Lotions are also multipurpose like sunscreen lotion, acne lotion

Balancer, toner or lotion can be synonymies with each other in different cultures.


Alight weight oil in water or water in oil based preparation perfect for combination skin as both constituents of dry and oily skin care can be dissolved in such formulation. It act as a moisturizer,


Cream is thicker in texture as compared to emulsions. The dry skin prefers creams for their rich oily base. , vanishing cream, acne cream and cold cream are good moisturizers.


Gel moisturizers usually contain silicone or glycerin for oily skin. Gel is also lighter than cream and emulsion it gives a fresh texture to your skin. The semi-solid formulation.  Examples of gel would be Neutrogena Hydra Boost water gel.

Booster: As the name indicates, they are meant to boost the effect of other preparations like essence or toner. They help this formulation to absorb promptly. The sequence of applying boosters varies according to the targeted care

Floral Water: This is the fragrant formulation; you can call it a mist or moisturizer .The purpose is to produce moisture with floral fragrance. However it is not a potent moisturizer for winter skin care as it is a dilute flowery water formulation.eg Narcissus extra ordinary water, Lavendar floral water

Finisher: like the forename it serves the same purpose that  it is applied in the last to give a finishing touch to your skin. It is usually sprayed on to the skin to hallmark the other skin treatment elements inside your skin

They are the popular skin care products used globally

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