Korean skin care and inclusion of placenta

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Korean skin care and inclusion of placenta

Korean skin care and inclusion of placenta

Korean skin care and inclusion of placenta

Are you thinking of giving you skin a rebirth? Then Korean products are your best choice. Looking at the Korean woman, her skin is always so smooth and flawless and this may be due to the fact that most of the most renowned beauty products trace their origin to Korea.

Korea skincare products are very effective in the treatment of skin and in battling the signs of aging. They will fight that irritating acne and help you to retain a radiant and fresh look without the need of injections, medication or even laser.

One of the new products from Korea are those made from placenta. This is an innovative skincare formula that is being embraced in all parts of the world. Home facials have become more common as more and more people go for skincare regimes that will allow them to have flawless skin.

Today, there are many placenta products from Korea and the good news is that we have the very best at skin18. This is one place you can shop with no worries as the products have been tested so as to ensure they are great for the skin.

The placenta facial

Placenta facial is one of the most common things today and even Hollywood stars are going for it. It tightens the facial skin and slows down the effects of aging. Usually, natural placenta is used and it can be sourced from many places including plants. Human and pig placenta have been known to have an even better effect on the skin. There are facial masks that use placenta as an ingredient and there is a wide variety to choose from. Korea has been known to produce some of the most amazing products and this is yet another one from this part of the world.

Why placenta?

Placenta has got many active substances within it and they include vitamins, activated peptides, amino acids, proteins, and hyaluronic acid, and stem cell, lots of enzymes, peptides and minerals. These natural ingredients make it that ultimate material needed for life.  It is able to substitute the components of the old skin for younger cells.

Once the active substances in the placenta get into the body, it is able to interact with the cells that are aging and then the regenerating process begins. This in turn activates metabolism as well as self-healing.

How it works

Placenta carries all sorts of life forms so as to preserve, protect and nourish cells. It has been proven that for the skin to change in a given way, like from dry to hydrate and so on, the cells need to communicate with one another.

When we use placenta protein on the skin, there is a deeper, quicker and lasting effect on cells. The ingredients in the placenta work from deep within the skin and the results can be seen clearly on the skin surface. Once the skin cells absorb the placenta protein, cells are triggered so as to copy the fresher and newer collagen resulting in youthful skin that is in the long-term. The substance is called pro-collagen 3 and it is also found in babies from birth up to 10 years. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory trait helps in healing for different skin conditions.

We have many placenta products for you to choose from at skin18 and you can always be guaranteed of the very best quality.

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