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The Latest Korean Skin care Trend: Routine with Natural Ingredients

Everyone knows that a skincare regimen usually consists of the steps like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating but the women in Korea follow at least ten steps regularly to get a flawless and beautiful fair skin. The Korean skincare trend includes natural ingredients that you can follow routinely to get the smooth looking bright skin like them.

Eye Makeup Removal

It is necessary to use a good product to remove the makeup from your eyes gently. A regular cleanser would not do the job of removing eye makeup properly.  The makeup remover will also come handy when you need to remove your long wear lipstick. Use a good natural cleanser for removing light makeup or a heavy duty makeup remover to perform its job as per your needs.

Cleansing the skin

As we would spend enough time in applying the makeup on your skin, it is equally important to spend some time in cleansing the skin off of what is left on it to maintain a good and healthy- looking skin. A good cleanser that suits your skin type should be use. Oil based cleansers are good for all skin types and use this to massage your face in gentle circular motions. The Koreans believe that massaging the skin would help increase blood circulation which results in brightening the skin.


The secret to the smooth skin tone of Koreans is the usage of natural exfoliating scrubs that does wonders on the skin in restoring the softness. This must be done at least twice a month and you must focus more on the areas of the T-zone which are more prone to the blackheads. 

Toning or Refreshing

Koreans call the toning process as refreshing. They do this basically to help in removal of the pollutants and also the residues left on the skin after cleansing. This also aids in restoring the pH balance on the skin. The important role of a refresher is to make your skin smooth and prepare for the next level of skin care product. Look for natural products like fermented bamboo extracts that works best as toners and are not harsh and drying when applied on the skin.

Essence application

Applying essence is very crucial step for Koreans as soaking the face in the natural essence penetrates into the cells of the skin and hence makes the skin brighter and smoother instantly.

Applying the Ampoule or the serum

The Koreans uses ampoules which are the concentrated version of the essences and the popular ampoules they use will include bifida ferment lysate, which is an active natural component that helps achieve an even skin tone.

Sheet Mask Application

The Koreans use a variety of sheet masks like those which contain vitamin E that is rich in avocado extracts that helps in anti-aging and are also rich in anti-oxidants that are good for the skin. These sheet masks are wet, paper-like things that are abundant in collagen and would easily penetrate your skin. They help the skin to absorb moisture and nutrients better when compared to that of a serum or cream alone.

Using an Eye Cream

The Koreans use the under eye cream and apply it on the skin surrounding the eye area. They use natural under eye creams that have a better absorption.

Moisturizing the skin

Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on the skin and layer them up for deep penetration which is the Korean way of moisturizing.

Night Cream Application

The Koreans use natural ripened ingredients for their skin care routine and the go for products that include things like fermented bamboo sap, fruit water and lotus extracts for a dewy moist glowing skin.

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    Thank you for this post!! I was flying blind for the first 6-9 months cause no one person could give me a complete answer. I have visited this blog a dozen times, not having the sense to write it down.

    I refuse to grow old! The perfect name for a skincare line.

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