Anti-aging project serum for moisturizing/whitening/anti-wrinkle

When it comes to cosmetics, simple is best. With so many cosmetic companies advertising their products as being the best and inviting people to buy them, it is really important to think your decision through before choosing one. Korea skin care has been on the forefront for a while now and products from this area of the world have attracted a lot of attention even in the western world.

Anti-aging project serum is the newest product that is available to you and it is one of those products that you don’t have to use a lot as a single drop can be enough for your face.

The effective ingredients

Skincare is something that is to be taken seriously. This product has got some ingredients that make it so effective.

  • Arbutin: this is one such ingredient. This is responsible for the whitening of the skin from that dull tone into a brighter and younger looking one. For the best results with this product, it is important that you apply on the face and the neck in the morning and at night every day.

Arbutin is a stable ingredient which possesses whitening effects. It is an extract from cowberry tree and into is able to absorb into the skin and prevents melanin pigment creation which is the main cause of freckles. This ingredient is hypo-allergenic and this is why many cosmetic products include it in their formula. Arbutin has got a very strong effect when it comes to whitening of the skin. It is also fast absorbed into the skin. It offers your skin nutrition balance and flexibility and at the end of the day, your skin texture will be protected and you will have lustrous skin.

  • Pisum sativum stem cell activator- this is the products technology. It is the improvement in the process of manufacturing that has been able to give users the best results. With the use of technology, the product doesn’t affect your skin in any adverse way.

Stem cells are those biological cells which are able to divide to diverse and specialised cells within our bodies. Stem cells when used as natural ingredients in the beauty products, they maintain the physiology and biochemical homeostasis of the skin. They also aid in:

  • Healing of scars and wounds
  • Cell restoration
  • Cells and cells tissues restoration
  • Maintenance of healthy skin and the overall condition

Innovative skincare has made it possible for us to have flawless skin and keep our skins from rapid aging. The stem cell cosmetics are those products that use stem cell techniques and are mainly composed of ingredients and materials that are gotten through the stem cells.

  • Ceramide-3 hydrolysed Pisum protein, EGF, phystosterol, squalene, shear butter and lecithin. These give
    • anti-oxidant effect
    • speed up fibrocyte promotion
    • remove wrinkles
    • speed up the synthesis of collagen

You can access this product from and say hello to the most amazing skin. Just like other products at skin18, this is a product that you can trust and use with no worry as it has been tested. We all love beautiful skin and with this product, you will never go wrong.

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