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Top Trends in Korean Skincare - Uplifting your Face, and Spirits!

Just as Apple spells the latest in technology, Korean products represent the trendiest in skin care. Korean skin care regimen is legendary. It is the collective work of centuries of knowledge and experience. The simple and unsophisticated ingredients reflect the innate preference to the natural. Most ingredients used in Korean cosmetics are natural, water-based, and very gentle on the skin. As the market is becoming increasingly commercialized, it is also getting inundated with products that are mere chemical mixtures that are packaged daintily to please the eye!

People who are concerned about maintaining their skin are more careful about the kind of skincare product they buy and use. They are judicious in their selection of cosmetics. Korean cosmetics are typically on top of their list. They are tried and tested, hence they are trusted. Packed with wholesome goodness from Mother Nature, Korean skin care products offer the best protection from pollution as well as the elements. Koreans revolutionized the cosmetic industry by introducing the BB creams and a plethora of other serums, sheet masks, and essences that redefined the very concept of protective care for the longest organ in our body. The world looks up to them for innovations in skin care. And luckily for our skin, the Korean cosmetic industry is never in dearth of new ideas.

Let's take a look at the latest trends in skincare. The list is only a tiny peek into the fascinating and ever- evolving work of the eco-friendly cosmetic industry in Korea.

  • Cushion Compacts: This inventive product is touted to be a life-changing one! Since its launch, this sponge base compact has converted many a non- foundation user into a daily user and endorser of this product. The compact features a base of sponge pad that is impregnated with a cream that is often high SPF and lightweight. BB and CC creams are popular choices. The cream is deposited on the face by pressing the smooth surface over the sponge and pat it on, for a perfectly dewy complexion and well- hydrated skin.
  • Fermented Skincare Products: Surprisingly, this hot trend is based on age-old fermentation. Koreans are very comfortable with the tradition of fermentation. No surprise, really. After all, the delectable Kim chi is fermented too! Fermented natural products are historically proven to work wonders on the skin. Such products are compatible with all types of skin. So, there is much lesser chance for irritation. There are several products like sheet masks, day and night creams, gel lotions, and essences. They incorporate fermented form of ingredients like bamboo, natto gum from soya beans, sea kelp, chrysanthemum, and white ginger, to name a few.
  • Rose Water: To counter the detrimental effects of pollution pervading the atmosphere, there is a whole range of Rose Water based skin treatment products available. Fortified with vitamins that are essential for a healthy skin, the wide variety of moisturizers, toners, body lotions, cleansers, masks, and serums ensure that there is an answer for every concern related to protecting and maintaining a velvet smooth, healthy, and glowing skin.

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