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Korean Skin Care? It is THE talk of the town!

When girls get together, there is no dearth of topics to talk. Conversations don't  start and end with monotonous  observations about weather, ever! Among the popular topics that are broached, scrutinized, dissected, and argued about are - fashion, fashion accessories, clothes, perfumes, food, and family, not necessarily in that order. But, of late, there has been one subject that has replaced all these staple topics - skin care in general, and specifically, Korean cosmetics and skin care products.

What endears Korean cosmetics to girls and women (and men too, but that is for another day, another post!) around the world? Why is this sudden awakening to Korean skin care products? The answer, as they say, is elementary. Each and every cosmetic product in Korea owes its origin to something elemental and simple, something natural. This pristine quality of the ingredients is the redeeming feature of Korean cosmetics for skin care.

The last few decades have seen immense growth in technology and other industries that have contributed to improving our living conditions, but have taken their toll on our skin. The atmosphere is pregnant with pollutants that affect our skin, with skin cancer being the deadliest of all skin diseases. A majority of the cosmetics are a combination of multiple chemicals that do more harm than good. Korean skin care products, from Skin18, with their roots in natural ingredients are innovative and have come to safeguard our skin.

From the day BB creams were introduced to the world by Korean Cosmetic industry in 2011,  the world looks to them for eco-friendly and effective skincare products. The entire range of skin cleansers, toners, moisturizers, essences, face packs, and potent serums from Skin18 come as a boon to quality-conscious and well-informed consumers. Traditional Korean secrets come alive in the form of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, bamboo sap, red ginseng, green tea, cucumber, berries, honey, and avocado. They are incorporated into creams, lotions, and face packs that render your skin smooth as porcelain, glowing, and fresh-looking.

Not stopping with revolutionizing the world of cosmetic industry, Korean cosmetics' trend-setters like Skin18 continue to be  ever on the look-out for creative and natural use of simple ingredients. The latest trend is the use of fermented products for beauty treatments. Since ages, fermented food has been considered beneficial for the skin because the slow process eliminates all toxins in the substance, naturally. Very soon this range of skincare cosmetics is sure to cause a Korean wave, or 'Hallyu', as the Koreans would call it!

The wide range of Korean cosmetics from Skin18 includes but not limited to:

Explore the complete selection of Korean skincare products from Skin18 and pamper your skin with the enrichment it so deserves!

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