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‘Skintillating’ effects of Korean Cosmetics - Dry / Oily Skin?

There is this famous adage, ‘First impressions are the best’.  It holds true even today. Especially in today’s fast world. We meet several people every day. Most are just fleeting figures of humanity, but there are faces that make an impression in our minds.  Even in a crowd, some stand apart. Their glowing skin with smooth texture and blemish free tone attract immediate attention! You can also get such admirable skin, with the range of Korean cosmetics from Skin18.

We are all born with soft skin. But pollution caused by industries, bad eating habits, and neglect of skin care take a heavy toll on our skin. Various cultures around the world have developed ways of protecting our skin and have perpetuated these traditions through generations. Koreans are famed for their elaborate skin care routines. The ingredients they use are natural and pure.

Korean skin care solutions address all possible skin problems and offer a viable treatment plan for them.  Everybody wants to put their best skin forward when they meet new people. Having a skin with acne problem or with pimples certainly causes embarrassment. It can lead to lower confidence level and the tendency to avoid society. The first step is to identify your skin type and then treat the problem with the appropriate Skin18 product.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is characterized by parched, itchy, flaky, and tight skin. Those with dry skin don’t have enough oil on the surface. In addition, they may not have enough hydration. As a result, the skin will be sensitive. Skin18 has products that are specifically formulated to condition dryness by extreme hydration and moisturizing. The treatment involves using cleansing oil, and then a foaming cleanser with natural oils. This is followed by the toner with a minimum amount of alcohol, Essence for moisture function, and finally the serum as for intense moisturizing. A hydrating sheet mask is recommended at night for locking in moisture.

Oily Skin

Oily skin has its own peculiar problems. There is excessive secretion of oil. With increase in age, the pores also become larger and oil secretion increases, causing acne and pimples. They also result in premature aging of skin and cause wrinkles. The best way to preserve the youthfulness of your skin will be to use the range of sunscreen with SPF fuction. They block the harmful UVA and UVB radiations which is very important for oily skin type. Natural ingredients help nourish your skin so it is important to carefully select a suitable ingredient for the skin care routine.  For sheet masks, it is important to try those with pore caring instead of moisturizing.  It is important to balance up the skin level to avoid extra oil from pores.  Last friendly reminder is to use white head / black head clearing sheet to make sure dirts from pore will not transform to acne or pimples.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

It is also advisable to use Oatmeal cleansing bar to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.  This will also help in absorbing excess oil. Many of the anti aging cosmetics of Skin18 also have ingredients that fight acne and are beneficial for skin care. Wearing an antioxidant serum likeunder the sun protection will help prevent age spots.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and sags. Korean skin care regimen has, as always turned to Nature for a solution.  Skin18 has creams, sheet masks of Cucumber and Aloe Vera that can work age-defying magic on your skin!

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