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Skin Care Korea Vs Skin Care Europe/USA

Sometimes it’s just not fair to compare things that are obviously different and strongly incompatible. However, in this particular case, we couldn’t help ourselves noticing that it’s been only a matter of time before the giant wave of Korean cosmetics success hits the shores of both Europe and the USA. The epic beauty conflict was imminent. Yet, there are so many questions that are confusing us right now. To whom should we give our advantage? Which one should we made to be our primary choice?

Big Numbers And Small Voices

Did you know that an average Korean woman is ready to spend between 6 and 8 times more than the desperate housewives in Europe or the USA? Oh dear, what’s that supposed to mean exactly? If you go after the Korean skin care products, you’re going to end up declaring bankruptcy. The great thing about Korean beauty products is that they’re considerably cheaper compared to available EU/USA alternatives. In addition, every Korean woman creates her list of must have skin care products to use on a daily basis anywhere between 15 and 20 items. Again, there’s no need to panic. You can certainly afford it thanks to the generous and reasonable character of prices made in Korea.

There’s Always A Perfect Moment For The Right Ingredient

Korean women give the strong advantage to the natural ingredients and traditional skin care solutions. On the other side, the women in Europe, and especially in the USA, are fascinated with the beauty products, which look as if they were designed by the NASA itself. For every woman, not matter where she lives, the positive and reliable results come first, by default. However, it seems that the EU/USA women are a little bit more impatient and desperate, because they embrace the so-called fast-food-cosmetics with no second thoughts or previous thorough examination. This is the very reason, why these women tend to end up in tears and crumbling disappointment, compared to Korean women, who patiently wait for a certain skin care ingredient to go through the rigorous and trustworthy test of time, first.

Don’t Judge A Skin Care Product By Its Origin

At the end of your long day under the merciless sun or in the energy consuming office, who really cares, where you bought or how much you paid for a certain skin care product, as long as it gives you what you really want. Right?

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