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Eyes on Ingredients, not the price!

When we go to buy groceries from the supermarket, we usually spend a lot of time reading the list of ingredients printed on the label. Understandably so, given the instances of presence of spurious chemicals in consumable items. We can never take chances when it comes to health and don't mind paying a tidy sum. So, why do we look only at the price when it is time to buy cosmetics? We rarely, perhaps never, read the ingredients in our cosmetics and other skin care products.  Buying cheap skin care products with dubious ingredients will prove to be a costly mistake. Trust Korean skin care products with authentic natural ingredients.

Skin is the longest organ of the body, and anything you apply on the skin is bound to get absorbed by it, and will enter the blood stream. Presence of harmful chemicals in cosmetics can be dangerous. This is all the more reason to buy cosmetics that have natural ingredients in them. Koreans have a long tradition of incorporating natural ingredients in skin care. A wide range of Korean cosmetics that are available in the market today, consist of basic natural ingredients like cucumbers, berries, green tea, bamboo extract, and the like, which help enhance the beauty and health of the skin. Most of the Skin18 range of cosmetics is also cost effective.

It is natural to look at the price tag of cosmetics before buying them. There is always a tendency to make do with anything that would serve the purpose, not realizing that this is a case of saving our skin. The list of chemicals commonly used in beauty products are too many to be listed, but here are a few. Be aware and avoid cosmetics that contain them.

  • Phthalates: Found in synthetic fragrances and perfumes. Causes disruption in the activities of the endocrine, resulting in early puberty.
  • Triclosan: Present in antibacterial soaps, toothpaste, and deodorants. This is classified as a pesticide, and can affect hormone system, especially thyroid hormones.
  • 1,4-dioxane : This is never listed on the label of ingredients. It is found in most shampoos and bath products for children, and in cosmetics. It is identified as an anticipated carcinogen.
  • Parabens: This contaminant was found in biopsy samples from breast tumors. It is used in deodorants, creams, and lotions as an antifungal and antimicrobial cream.

Just reading about these chemicals is enough is send shivers down one's spine, however thick-skinned he might be. And this list is just a sample out of a thousand other such contaminants proliferating the cosmetic industry. Imagine using these products for years, with the smug satisfaction of 'taking good care' of your skin at a 'low cost'!


The welcome and wise alternative is to opt for the variety of Skin18 skin care products that are made in perfect synergy with nature, and are packed with the goodness of ingredients that we know and recognize. Not to mention, pronounce easily! Luxuriate your skin with the creams, lotions, toners, sheet masks, and serums from Skin18.


Don't let your skin pay the price… Look at the ingredients, not the price-tag!

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