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Why There’s No Word Depression In The Dictionary For Korean Women?

Have you ever tried Korean cosmetics? We mean, have you tried it, for real? Have you ever seen a Korean woman, when she performs a magic with her beauty products? Thanks to the genuine ingredients contained in each and any product, Korean women have become ageless and timeless. Literally. Yet, to whom they should be grateful for their improved mental health? Are you a little bit surprised? What are we talking about? Yes, for all of you newbies, who walk the revealing road of ancient Korean secrets, there’s something you can’t touch of a spiritual nature within a shell of your favorite product.

When Beauty Becomes Your Religion

It’s not a secret nor a surprise that the so-called Western Civilization has high standards when it comes to beauty and your overall appearance. However, we have to say that these “standards” work against your mental health. In addition, they can cause you serious psychological problems. Honestly speaking, the people behind the mainstream beauty industry got it all wrong. On the contrary, far away from the shininess and empty commercials, we have a beautiful and gorgeous Korean woman, who goes through her beauty routine for hours. The catch with the Korean cosmetics is that it asks for both, your skin and mind, as well. The moments, when you’re all alone and you’re preparing yourself for bed, or you’re treating your skin for a special event, are special minutes and sometimes even hours you decide to hit a pause button in your life.

The Therapeutical Rituals For Your Mind And Soul

Have you ever wondered, why is it that a Korean woman uses an average of almost twenty beauty products on a daily basis? Do you think the Korean beauty industry is all about profit? Oh dear, you just couldn’t be more wrong on this one. The essence of Korean cosmetics is that you can’t have the “fast-food-cosmetic”. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you aren’t ready to devote hours and hours of your time to it, then you’re not a perfect match. Korean beauty products are deep, powerful, slow, and extremely demanding. They ask for you to go deep into your mind and soul. All of those masks and lotions aren’t healing only your skin, but your soul, as well. If you use and embrace Korean beauty products properly, then there’s a high probability you’ll forget the very meaning of the word depression. You’ll become impatient to apply those delicate ingredients on your skin not only for esthetical reasons, but also to reach that special moment, when you feel relieved and relaxed. Finally, let’s face it, what’s the beauty industry all about? To make you look or feel beautiful, or both? You already know the answer, don’t you?

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